Tale of 2 aubergines


White and purple Japanese size aubergines.

It’s so hot, so hummous bi tahini bi harrissa, rye bread, water melon and…

Oven-toaster dried aubergines with pesto sauce

Aubergines are finely sliced, salted, let 2 hours, rinced, squeezed, cooked in micro-wave 2 minutes. squeezed again.
On a plate in the oven-toaster, drying 10 minutes a 200 deg C. Let 1 hour, the door slightly open to let the steam out. Turn and again 15 min a 250 deg C. Not much work for you, you are not waiting there…

The aubergines become sweeter in taste, different… on top, spread “pesto” (just basil, garlic, oil).

Cal 579 F14.0g C93.8g P22.1g

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