Bouille bouille bouillabaisse

The humble soup dish. This version is really frugal, made with fish leftovers that some people would discard and cheap veggies. The meal is still gorgeous. That’s the magic of the kitchen. With fish heads and bits they don’t use for sashimi. Keep away the cuts with meats on them. The first step is to […]

Bouillabaisse de canicule, relax…

This colorful display is a not so weird version of bouillabaisse. Too hot to run for ingredients. I used what I had. Red onion, tai fish heads (frozen), bok choy, green chili. Of course, that was poached in a broth. It’s flavored with garlic, olive oil and saffron, very tomaty. Usually the potatoes are inside. […]

The day my goldfish fell into the bouillabaisse

It’s a kinmedai (golden eye snapper). The color is really spectacular. That’s not the most delicate fish in the seas. That would be complicated to keep it as a pet. If you’re Japanese, you put it in a nabe (hot pot), and if you are French in a bouillabaisse. Or the contrary… Today it’s bouillabaisse. […]