Soba miso soup and grilled aji fish

Classic Japanese food, in a not so classic meal presentation. There would be rice normally. That doesn’t matter, as long as it’s colorful and good. Shioyaki aji. The aji are Japanese jack mackerels. They look like sardines but you can recognize them by the “zip” on their side. I’ve simply cleaned and emptied them them, […]

Oswego tea miso soup

Another Japanese classic ? No ! I found Oswego tea, AKA bee balm… and according to the label, that was bergamot. I found that in my balcony herb garden. That’s how I discovered that existed. Of course, the grains were not brought by the birds nor the butterflies. The local flower shop was discounting all […]

Refreshing cold miso soup with somen noodles and nameko sticky mushroom

This is really delicious and that makes you forget the heat and humidity. What is left ? Superb blue sky and great weather. Nameko are those orange sticky mushrooms. I already showed you some : Nameko the sticky/jelly mushroom This time I have huge ones : And you can see that “glue”. When they are […]

Fishy miso soup

A complete miso soup that warms you up. I took the other part (head) of yesterday’s fish, tai snapper. Cut in big chunks, simmered with kombu seaweed, a chili pepper and a little sake. Added brown miso (with wheat) Toppings are raw ginger (in the bottom) and negi leek. Lots to eat, lots to feel […]

The “I am cold” Miso Soup

We feel cold. It’s so humid, and really cool. I find noodle soups are a nice way to warm me up. Chicken cooked with its skin and garlic to make a stock, red onions, daikon radish, shiitake mushrooms, dried wakame seaweeds. Then add a good amount of “wheat miso” made of soy and wheat (not […]