Rice and beans. And nameko.

You don’t need much food : rice and beans. And you’re good to go. With a few veggies it’s even better. In many countries over the world, generations of people have lived eating this roughly at every meal. I like more variety, but once in a while, that’s great. Hatsuga genmai germinated brown rice (read […]

Refreshing cold miso soup with somen noodles and nameko sticky mushroom

This is really delicious and that makes you forget the heat and humidity. What is left ? Superb blue sky and great weather. Nameko are those orange sticky mushrooms. I already showed you some : Nameko the sticky/jelly mushroom This time I have huge ones : And you can see that “glue”. When they are […]

Nameko, the funny mushroom and Seoul Summer noodles

Korean soba noodles and Japanese nameko mushrooms. First, let me present you Miss Nameko. It’s a mushroom with a girl’s name and a fav’ topping for Japanese Summer noodles (served cool). Most of the time, you can buy them already boiled, and most restaurants serve those… and I don’t like them because of an unpleasant […]