Simple nori okaki. Make your own Japanese rice crackers.

They are called okaki or sembei, and there are other names. Japanese rice crackers have been widely exported and they now have fans all over the world. It’s possible to make yours. DRY MOCHI You need dried mochi for this recipe. I guess it’s not so easy to find outside Japan If you can’t get […]

Okaki, merci Aki !

A faithful reader of this blog brought me this. What is it ? Her home-made mochi. It is slightly different from the “classical mochi”. About mochi It is dryer and cut in slices. You can fry or roast it. After 3~4 minutes in the oven-toaster (broiler), that gives : O-kaki. The Japanese traditional rice-cracker. It’s […]

A green year of savor’hits

A random selections of favorite 2013 savory posts… Most are plant-based, all were yummy ! Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you again in 2014 Romanesco and cauliflower green quiche My experiments in plant based milks and yogurts Simple nori okaki. Make your own Japanese rice crackers. Sesame sweet and sour tofu Mehari sushi, […]

Wagashi -Japanese tea sweets

karin kinton The Japanese are sweet lovers. Now, all sorts of Western and Asian sweets can be found in big cities, and there are many talented bakers. Wagashi means “Japanese sweets”, and it refers to the snack, usually sweet, served with tea. Eating desserts is not the custom. You eat lunch at 11~12 , then […]