Matcha soba, shiso pesto and veg’ freshness…

We’re getting into the days when you want to eat raw, cold, green, light… Zaru soba is baaack ! It’s green because it’s matcha (green tea) flavored. Click here for the soba compilation. They are the perfect complement for : shiso pesto. The leaves are called “salad celery”, they have a very mild celery taste, […]

Pasting the shiso

That’s simply the Asian cousin of the Italian basil pesto. The recipe is the same, but the taste is totally different. I had bought a huge pack of shiso leaves that I couldn’t use in time, so that was the tasty solution to prolongate their live. I’ve used it to garnish a few dishes this […]

In April, that was buzzed…

Pinterest April Album and from today follow the next : May album Green Green Green Pomelo and sea grape temaki-zushi (green sushi cones) Veg veg burgers, and Bulldog sauce Tartine de printemps (country bread fresh sands) Herbs and pesto Sage pesto and coconut cream ballerina pasta Mint cha gio, green Spring rolls Shiso pesto Tofu […]

Veg’ patty lunch

Another quickie. That takes 5 minutes to prepare and you have a wrap party. That’s fun to eat and very filling. And you eat only good things. The batter : forked mashed cooked azuki beans and a few fava beans, sweet corn, shiso pesto, potato starch for the binding. Ready ! While they cooked, I […]