Sashimi sudachi somen (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year… Sashimi, raw slices of salmon and tai fish. Somen, white vermicelli noodles. Sudachi, small green lemon. All that refreshed by ice-cubes. I poured a little sudachi juice on the fish 15 minutes before. In a cup, the rest of juice + soy sauce = sudachi ponzu. I added ice-cubes, a little water. Shredded […]

About yuzu, tofu, Hokkaido hotate (scallop sashimi) and tender green

A fresh light lunch full of subtile flavors. That’s the meal, presented the Japanese way, all the dishes on the table. But you don’t un-French yourself ever, so there is an order to eat this. The first dish is the tofu. It’s not ordinary tofu, but yuzu tofu. It is flavored with juice of yuzu […]

My sweet Korean sashimi

Second sashimi plate of Hokkaido hotategai (scallops). I “butterflied” this one. The Koreans often serve the sashimi seafood with a sweet sauce. I think it’s gochujang (spicy miso), and some kind of sweetener (honey, sugar, syrup…), and water to make it at the same texture as ketchup. I am not a fan of this version, […]

Silver salmon sashimi

Well nothing to do, just eat it. I buy the silver salmon sashimi, from Miyagi prefecture, ready to serve… about Japanese salmon I completed the meals with a few carbs. Stir fried noodles (I finish the Summer stock to clean my pantry for New Year). About different Japanese noodles : Guided tour of my soba […]

Dices of sashimi for tsukimi domburi

Dices of mixed sashimi… Here again, it’s the “second choice” from the fishmonger, the bits are not large enough for perfect sashimi shape. Their taste is as good, they are as fresh. It’s perfect for this dish. A domburi is a big bowl. Tsukimi is “moon watching”, it’s done now… well a few days ago, […]