Akebi ryori, cooking akebia

That’s what I’ve done with the outer part of the blue fruit

photos of akebia

First I should introduce you.
The fruit is called akebi in Japanese. In English, it’s akebia . There are white fruits too, but I see only this color in fruit shops here.

(photo borrowed to wikipedia)

It’s the blossoming akebia tree.

I’ve sliced it. That’s bitter, like bitter squash :

So akebi is the son of a goya and a dragon fruit ?

It is not extremely common so I tried to cook different small dishes as I have the opportunity.
The first dish is simply pan fried and slightly salted. To enjoy fully the taste. It’s sweeter than the squash. Close to braised endive.

It’s black as that caramelized slightly. Then :

I’ve used some in a noodle stir-fry that I will post soon.

And I tried 2 small dishes :

Both are simmered in Japanese sauce and to be served with rice.

In a soy sauce and mirin mix. On top 7 spice mix.

In brown miso and black sugar.

And the final, my fav is baked akebi (here).