Baked hana mame beans, buckwheat berry flan



Beans and grains, simply. Baked beans with huge beans and a twist, spicy buckwheat flans with balsamico icing.


I had a leftover of cooked buckwheat groats, so I’ve added minced onion, garlic and feet of shiitake mushrooms, pasted parsley, turmeric, a little massala spice mix, water and potato starch. I’ve steamed the mix in a muffin tray till that became solid. On top, it’s (bought) balsamic reduction sauce. I know it’s cheating, but as I have this product, I use it.


Hana mame. The name literally means ‘flower bean’, but in English that’s runner bean. The Japanese ones are really huge. These are 紫花豆 murasaki hanamame (purple flower beans) and there exist some white ones too.
This photo was taken after soaking.

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After soaking the beans overnight, I boiled them of course. Then in a pottery, I’ve put beans, simple passata tomato sauce, and a mix of bean cooking broth + miso + sakekasu (sake lees)+ olive oil. And baked.
Beside, I steamed and cut a mizu nasu aubergine, to serve with these beans.


The sauce gets creamy thanks to the sakekasu.


Island shred : green papaya, goya bitter squash, shikwasa lime juice and peel and pinch of salt. Mix and let 30 minutes.


Another delicious and filling plant-based meal…


So let’s mix in the aubergines…



Beef tataki salad, and spicy purple flower beans

Beef tataki is Japanese style roastbeef, served cooled. On lettuce and young onion, with shichimi-togarashi 7 spices mix, then a little black rice vinegar.
Murasaki hana-mame (purple flower beans), reheated in tomato paste and Thai tom yum sauce base, with steamed broccoli stems.

Cal443.7 F9.4g C45.8g P31.4g

Boeuf Tataki, boeuf japonais grille et refroidi. Servi sur de la laitue et de l’oignon tendre, avec du 7 epices shichimi-togarashi et une lichette de vinaigre de riz noir.
Haricots fleurs violets (murasaki hana-mame), rechauffes avec de la puree de tomate et de la base de sauce Thai tom yum. Tiges de broccoli vapeur.