Trying new greens : gyoja ninniku, ail de la Sainte-Victoire

That’s when you cook ingredients you had never seen before… or surely I had seen some in the nature but never thought about eating it.

行者にんにく(gyoja ninniku), procession garlic ?
I thought it was bear’s garlic. And I was wrong…
But it has many names in French (« Ail de la Sainte-Victoire », « Ail Serpentin », « Ail de cerf », « Ail victorial » ou « Herbe aux sept chemises »….). Nothing in English, that poor language. Well that’s just that I don’t know it. It doesn’t matter.

The indication was to stir-fry them with egg or meat.

I used the white (soy flavored) egg threads and the yellow (mirin flavored) ones.

Taste was flat… closer to beet greens than to garlic. A spoon of home-made condiment arranged that nicely.

Pasta and edamame, both al dente.

A deicious, but not too photogenic garlic, tomato and fish sauce… so I covered with more tomato passata and paprika.

A nice quick meal.