La mer. French sea dishes ( compilation)

Menu to navigate in the sea of French main dishes…

papillote de crystal saumon et pomélo (salmon papillote)
papillote de poisson (white fish)
papillote de poisson vanillée (vanilla fish)

Winter bouillabaisse
Summer bouillabaisse
aioli aux pommes de terre nouvelles (with cod fish)
bourride de limande et amaguri
fish cassoulet
choucroute de la mer (seafood Sauerkraut)

morue parmentière (cod and potatoes)
effeuillée de morue parmentière (cod and potato gratin)

calamars au vin (wine stewed calamari)
calamar à l’armoricaine (calamari stew)

carpaccio de daurade au pamplemousse (grapefruit marinated fish)
pétoncles à la nage (mini scallop soup)
ormeaux au beurre (buttered abalone)
salade tahitienne (Tahitian raw fish)
féroce d’avocat (avocado cod)

sole meunière
Mediterranean grilled fish
saumon vapeur aux algues (steamed salmon)
daurade flambée au pastis (anise baked fish)

Let’s swim : pétoncles à la nage amandine

This misty-rious dish is called Nage de pétoncles amandine.

I caugh a bargain of queen scallops, today.

Swimming in their indoor pool…
For dishes “la nage”, which means “swimming” is a soup. But who is Amandine ?

Shallots, red bell pepper and shimeji mushroom for the aromatic base. A little white wine. The shells. A broth of saffron.

Et voilà !

So who is Amandine ? Well, an adjective meaning “with almond”.
The secret almond touch is this fragrant oil. Just a few drops like pearls on my nage :

Mmmmm…. The broth is not light and sweet, the touch of sweet almond matches the shellfish’s sweetness. Perfect harmony !

Sides are steamed mizuna green and rice (red and white) with goji berries and broken almond topping. I placed the mizuna leaves on top of the shellfish to steam it. Convenient !