Aburi and amaguri, oregano seafood pasta


Seafood pasta. I could eat some everyday. I know there are no pasta on this photo. I have not eaten them before shooting. They are under :


Ballerina pasta alle vongole, bianco e oregano.
That’s the name in my kitchen. Don’t trust my skills at Italian language, but trust me to adapt the recipe to Japanese context.


First, let’s prepare salmon. It’s salmon trout to be exact.


Aburi sushi is midway between raw sashimi and grilled fish, so you get the great texture and the nice taste.
For more details on this technique :

aburi DIY (click here)


hamaguri is a sort of local clam.


First let them refresh in salty water.


The hamaguri clams are opened in white wine with negi (green parts) and oregano. Then ballerina pasta are added and let 2 minutes with a covered lid, the time they swallow the flavors.


The plate is crowned by bok choi, that was blanched with the pasta. I place the pasta in the middle, the seafood and more oregano on top. Black pepper and a drizzle on olive oil on top.


Black delights… (via GiO)


Black is beautiful. In Japanese cuisine, that’s really a precious color…

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Aburi, welder’s sushi (via GiO)

Ideal for the cooling weather : 炙り寿司 (aburizushi) aburi sushi. It’s fire leached sushi.
If you never had them, you must try. The transformation of taste of the fish is dramatic…

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Cosy sushi, many ways

Are not visitors disappointed ? A food blog from Osaka with so few sushi… It’s Japan, so we are supposed to eat some at every meal.
That’s not really the case, but we have some. I don’t try to replicate the restaurant style, but anyway what we are proposed here tends to differ from the horr… , I mean, the offer, in the West. There are many regional variations. I try to prepare the original home-made ones…

Definition : vinegared rice, with toppings.

If there is no rice or nor no vinegar (citrus juice/fermented sake), it is not a sushi. Consider using another name. Well, the concept is large enough to play around with shapes and toppings.

Personal opinion : what makes a good sushi, is :

ONE : the rice, quality (Japonica or Arborio, which is a Japonica anyway) and good preparation.
TWO : there should be a way to distinguish a sushi and a hamburger (I mean no ketchup, no cheese, no fries…)

Enjoy the visit…

Osaka sushi
They are the oldest style, before the custom of eating raw fish.

shime-saba and unagi
chakin sushi (egg wrapped)
meharizushi (leaf wrapped)

Edo-mae (“standard”)
Tokyo-style.The classic, famous around the world.

nigiri (hand-shaped)
gunkan-maki (war boats)
hosomaki (thin rolls)

Display sushi, not shaped, served in a wide dish for many guests.

yuzu chirashi (with tuna) yuzu chirashi (with goya)
radish chirashi
natsu chirashi (Summer style)
panda style
rose sushi

Different techniques :

Oshizushi. Pressed in a box, like those of Osaka
inari-zushi (tofu pockets)
Aburi-zushi (flamed)


The big rolls…

hatsuga genmai healthy salmon sushi
ehomaki (horoscope sushi)
rolling a makizushi

Fancy :

mini-cup sushi
chicken chirashi
egg sushi in a verrine


Spaghetti al salmon tataki and mizuna

A good one-plate dinner, with few ingredients, but really delicious.
Spaghetti al dente, briefly sauteed in oil, garlic, a fragrant exotic chili pepper…

Aji limo

… then add mizuna leaves.

I prepared the salmon (of sashimi quality) with the same technique of aburi sushi.

How to “aburi sushi”

Cut and served.

As you see, the fish is raw inside, and roast outside. It’ tataki, the Japanese style roasting, used for fish or meat.

On the table, flavoring is yuzu and freshly ground pepper mix.

Cal 586.5 F21.0g C55.2g P43.6g

Black delights with the aburi sushi

Black is beautiful. In Japanese cuisine, that’s really a precious color.

The meal with the :
aburizushi (fire leached sushi)

It’s hijiki, seaweeds. They are cooked in dashi (fish broth) with soy sauce, mirin and carrot. I get them fresh but you can buy them dry and rehydrate them.

Kuro-mame. Home-made black soy beans in honey ginger syrup. They’ll get their post too. Beans in syrup are often a small dish in Japanese meals. There are many versions.

Miso soup with abura-age (fried tofu) and spinach.

(meal, 2 servings of rice)
Cal 590.3 F15.6g C87.9g P41.9g

Aburi, welder’s sushi

Ideal for the cooling weather : 炙り寿司 (aburizushi) aburi sushi. It’s fire leached sushi.
If you never had them, you must try. The transformation of taste of the fish is dramatic.

They usually make this with nigiri sushi. Here is my chirashi (display sushi) version with cubes of fish.

Prepare first the sushi rice as you like it. It’s genmai milky queen, with a mix of black rice vinegar, fresh yuzu juice and sea salt.

The top photo is TRICKED !!! Well, you can’t make them and take the photo at the same time. It’s too quick and a bit dangerous.

I didn’t use this cutie :
You need pro material, the one from the DIY store that tops a bomb of butane gas :

It’s a cheap toy that will serve you for the creme brulee, to light up your barbecue, etc.

That takes 15 seconds to weld all your fish.
The second thing is you don’t want to roast your rice, so do the welding on a separate dish and put it on rice after. BTW, adding the sesame was not a good idea. They became too dark. It’s better to roast them separately. I’ll know next time.

That’s a preparation that suits “a little fat” fish, as lean white fish would dry too much, and too fat would smell. I have mostly cubes of yellow tail, lean parts of salmon and bonito.
I prepared the fish 10 minutes before, passing 1 tbs of salt reduced soy sauce all over, then 1 ts of oil that keeps the heat (not sesame oil, I used grapeseed oil).

Into :

Pass the hot flame quickly. If the fire it’s too weak, you will waste it all, the fish will be hot before cooking. So get the good equipment.
Here is a video (not mine) of a chef “welding” a nigiri sushi :


The fish is not hot, slightly warmed only. It has a “barbecued” flavor and a sashimi texture. It’s really delicious. Transfer on the rice and eat at once. The flavor doesn’t stay. Do the welding at the table. And if you want your welder sushi more refined like here, order them to a pro, and be sure to be seated at the bar so you can enjoy the show of their preparation and enjoy them at their best, a few seconds after preparation.