Calissons câlins

It’s calissons in case you didn’t recognize.
This is the typical souvenir tourists buy in Aix-en-Provence. You don’t need to go there and to be a tourist to enjoy them. There are available everywhere in France. Not so much… well, not at all here.

They are made of almond, melon (could be orange, apricot), orange blossom water.
The commercial ones are more perfect (not hand-made) and last more. They are supported by a sheet of azim bread. The top is royal icing.
This is a simplified home-made version.

Candied melon (sweet dry melon).

Pasted with skinned raw almonds. Added a little bitter almond essence and orange blossom water.

Cut with a round plastic cup.

Covered with simple icing (confectionner sugar, Pastis anise liquor, lemon juice).

I made an experimental trial with roast almonds (dark ones). They are more nutty, good too, but different from the classic.