Would sting for cake… honey, it’s a beehive torte

Bienenstich (bee sting) or nid d’abeilles (beehive) is a Summer brioche. Serve it very very cold, on a garden table, in the shade of a tree. You’ll see thousands of bees preying on it. Well I have not tried, I don’t want to risk losing even a bit of it to insects…

What’s the deal ?

1+1+1= une tuerie(food to slaughter for).

The honey is hidden in the cream fudge…

… or this looks like honeycomb ? Well, if you had the good taste to make it flat, you could place the almond slices one by one on the top…

Cream is hidden in the brioche… not well hidden. There is more cream than cake.

Rich brioche. I flavored it with honey, pomelo zest and orange blossom water.

Very cold milky vanilla cream.

Calissons câlins

It’s calissons in case you didn’t recognize.
This is the typical souvenir tourists buy in Aix-en-Provence. You don’t need to go there and to be a tourist to enjoy them. There are available everywhere in France. Not so much… well, not at all here.

They are made of almond, melon (could be orange, apricot), orange blossom water.
The commercial ones are more perfect (not hand-made) and last more. They are supported by a sheet of azim bread. The top is royal icing.
This is a simplified home-made version.

Candied melon (sweet dry melon).

Pasted with skinned raw almonds. Added a little bitter almond essence and orange blossom water.

Cut with a round plastic cup.

Covered with simple icing (confectionner sugar, Pastis anise liquor, lemon juice).

I made an experimental trial with roast almonds (dark ones). They are more nutty, good too, but different from the classic.

Pralines, I wish I could see them red…

Pralines roses, pralines rouges… the pink or red sugared almonds are a cute sweet. They make a few lovely French desserts.
How do they make them ?

With almonds… and sugar. I can make the beige and the black ones.

Food color. They don’t use the same type in France. This one is “beni koji” made from a rice ferment. That usually works the same. Here you can see the powder dissolved in water. RED.

But my pralines are… desesparetely auburn. LOL.
If anyone has a tip on how to make them red, I’d be happy to hear it.

They taste good. The sugar is “whitish” and looks like sand inside… but not enough ?

They look like the black ones..

They are slightly red in very favorable light…

Creme Budwig au riz rouge – red rice Budwig cream(via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…
The healthiest way to start your day ?

Creme Budwig au riz rouge Red rice Budwig cream. Dr Kousmine and her friend scientist Ms Budwig propose their recipe of Bircher Muesli. It contains the oils and good omegas, the minerals and vitamins our body needs to start a healthy day. That's a breakfast… which means a brunch for me. Budwig Cream generic recipe (you'll find many variations on the web) The idea is to very each day those ingredients so you get the benefits of different nuts, cereals, oils, and to follo … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Crème vert amande

At the start, there is a simple crème, acreamy soup of this color called vert amande (lit : almond green), in French. It’s the color of the skin of a fresh raw almond, it seems. I have never lived in a place where they grow almond trees, so I’ve never seen the nut so fresh.

Ingredients are green fava beans, stalks of green asparagus, ground green peppercorn, sea salt.

The subtile texture and taste come from the addition of almonds and dry tarragon leaves. All that simmers together a few minutes.

Decorated with the tips of asparagus and pink pepper.
Serve very hot !

2 plates :
Cal 417 F15.8g C54.2g P29.2g