Deep double chocolate muffins


Mmmm…. schrluuuuupppp….
Yeah, they were good. Look at this texture, at the intensity of chocolate !


A bit messy out of the oven. They are easy and plant-based.
In the blender throw :
-3/4 cup of flour + 1 ts of baking powder
-1 tbs ground roasted sesame seeds
-1/2 cup water + 1 tbs oil
-1 big tbs cocoa + 1 tbs brown cane sugar
Pour into molds, and add in broken bits of 100% cocoa (cocoa mass) chips. Bake (my oven decides, that took 43 minutes).
I made 4 small.


The glazing is 1 tbs of coconut butter, 1/2 ts sugar, 1 ts cocoa.
Approximation for 1 muffin :
180 calories, 8g fat, 23g carbs, 4.3 g proteins
Well, one is OK. Well, once in while, 4 are OK. Don’t dream, you will eat as many as you bake.


Gourmande November round up

Sweet potato (satsuma imo), potato and persimmon (kaki) season is back.

That’s the album about most of my November meals : November eats. And for vegan menus here.

These are the main topics and visitors’ current obsessions :

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Classic revival :
kneppes (Lorraine’s pasta)
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French fries
tarte orangette
simple tarte au chocolat (silky chocolate pie)

Nordic wave :

Mousse de saumon et pain polaire

Swedish bean balls

Plus :
polar bread shrimp wrap
mini buckwheat blinis salmon bites

American mood :

Natural yummy banana pudding

raw pumpkin pie

creamy pumpkin pie
Obama pizza
Chicago pizza


On the road to Christmas :
nutty truffles

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Kabocha forever

Steamed rice pudding and burnt kabocha.

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Little raw pumpkin pies in 3 ingredients

The colors of Autumn in the nature and in the plate. Today, it’s orange, brown and the fire of spices. Here is a raw vegan dessert to re-balance a little my diet as I don’t much raw these days.

The principal ingredients are :

Kabocha pumpkin
Raw sesame seeds

Plus spices.

The crust is pasted sesame seeds and pasted prune. I’ve added a little yuzu zest for flavor. I dried the tartelettes at 120 degrees in the oven toaster.

The filling : Raw kabocha flesh and same volume of water in the blender till it becomes a puree. Then I’ve added pasted prune to sweeten, powdered spices (cardamom, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, habanero) and a few spoons of powdered sesame seed.

Fill the crusts and let a few hours. The mix thickens a little.

Delicious served cool or warm.

Golden sesame baby bagels express…

Ideal for breakfast or brunch. You won’t have them in 5 minutes, but you just need 3 minutes of your time, so you can do your gym, take shower, etc. You wouldn’t go out to buy some in pajama anyway. So bake them.
And in less than 1 hour :

Tatada ! A 1/2 dozen of cute mini golden sesame bagels !

1. Put some sesame seeds to toast. In a bowl mix flour and baking powder, a little salt, a little oil, water enough to make it gooey. Add in the seeds.
2. With a spoon and wet fingers fill some ring “donut” molds (savarin molds they are). Let 15 minutes.
3. Put in the toast at 180 degrees (that took 15 minutes).

For 2/3 cup of flour, I had 6 minis.

Serve hot with fresh fruits : kaki (persimmon) and mikan (mandarin orange). Add butter if you want,but they are delicious just like that, flavored by the sesame.

Let the butter melt and sprinkle a little Ceylon cinnamon powder.

Keep a few for later.

Beans and bunny biscuits

Today’s lunch is a little tex-mex. Red beans, omelet and veggie biscuits.

Not easy to cut with all these bits… especially if your biscuit cutter is in shape of rabbit. OK, it’s not a fancy onigiri rice-ball press.

That’s the inside. I have used lard as fat and then water with a little beaten egg. They are spiced with cumin. The veggies are red chili, corn, bean and negi leeks.

Azuki beans are often used for sweets but they make an excellent savory dish too. They are reheated with chili pepper, onion, garlic, red paprika…

The eggs.