Champilège 2 : amuse-shiitake



Amuse-gueules are small stuff to entertain your snout. The hat of a shiitake is the perfect size.


Shiitake mushrooms.

Soaked bulgur is the base, with red onion, garlic, thyme, olive oil, salt, pepper…


Baked till golden. Serve hot.


Tartare d’huitres au yuzu (French-Japanese oyster appetizer)

That looks so hip that you can’t guess what it is, like in those avant-garde restaurants that have done it for…ever. You have to pretend it’s new all the time. Well it’s marinated oysters with fresh veggies, and it’s yummy.

Japanese ingredients : small oysters and (blanched cooked) edamame beans.

Also white kabu (raw). And okra (gombo, blanched).

A fragrant yuzu lemon. I simply juiced the yuzu and added all the other ingredients diced. Mixed. Let a while in the fridge.

Serve in small amount as an appetizer, or with a toast or hot rice… well, that was a hot boiled potato.

Edadip, quick healthy platter

For a light dinner in front of TV (you still have one ?) or surprise visitors… It’s ready in 3 minutes.

That’s edamame green soy beans (blanched, refreshed, taken out of pods). They are sold that way frozen too.

Made into hummus : blended with garlic, salt, oil.

With sticks of daikon radish and carrots. They are fresh, crunchy, watery.

Save a few beans to munch like that.

Amuse-gueules : bacon maki and green maki

Finger food to start the party. Let’s make 3 funny rolled bites.

Prune bacon maki. Sweet and bacon, a classic.

Oyster bacon maki. The 3 flavors of bacon, seafood and seaweed make the perfect harmony.

Green maki. A classic here. That’s a way to get lots of greens in one mouthful. I always find the party meals lack plants and easy to digest items. So I always include some.

Boiled and refreshed leaves of spinach and cabbage. I simply season them with black pepper. They serve as a mouth refresher for fat and salty bites.

You can roll all kind of food in slices of bacon, and fix with a toothpick.

Oyster, nori seaweed.

Grill a few minutes.

Enjoy with white wines or your preferred sweet cocktail.