Unaju, ritzy unagi box

Unagi, Japanese eel. Jubako, the nice lacquer boxes. Una-ju. It’s the dressed up eel on rice meal. It’s very chic to eat in those boxes… compared to your plastic bento. That’s a dish served by the high end unagi restaurants. Well, surely theirs are often better…

Eel is often eaten in hot season because it’s very nutritive and still easy to eat and digest. Having some helps you feel better in hot humidity.

Koshikari rice, flavored with kabayaki sauce.

Flambeed reheated kabayaki unagi.

With sansho


Suimono, broth with fresh wakame seaweed and sesame.

Tsukemono, salted turnip.

Home-made duo : zaru-doufu and yuzu koshio.

Making yuzu kosho
making zaru tofu

A full menu for a hot day. Really delicious.

Unagi… fighting the heat with the Japanese eel

Not really cooking… good reheating of the famous Japanese eel.

This dish is said to be very healthy when weather is very hot. Particularly because we don’t eat much fat or proteins in Summer and that fish brings a lot of both.
Warning : if you eat unagi eel and watermelon in the same meal, you will die. The association is a violent poison. Unless you didn’t know…because I had that meal 200 times before hearing the story, and I don’t feel dead at all. LOL

Japanese unagi is quite small, and expensive. Of course, some are wild, semi-wild , farmed… different qualities. But in the recent years, a Chinese guy has found the way to grow mammoth unagi in huge factory-farms. They are sold much cheaper. They are twice bigger. They are what supermarket turkeys are to farm quails… not so tasty. And well, the sanitary conditions are suspect. They have had “unagi scandals” in China. So I prefer eating the good one, less often.

In Japan, they usually sell them already prepared and cooked. Otherwise weird people like me would dare preparing them with French recipes… No way !
Most times, they are roasted in this kabayaki sauce (thick sweet soy sauce), and they give you more sauce to reheat at home.
The trick is to reheat with very little added sauce plus a generous amount of nihonshu (Japanese sake), under the grill. That will taste like in good restaurants…as that’s often what they do.

Served with baby okras, cherry tomatoes and guess what ? Rice !
2 servings like the photo :
Cal 745 F32.4g C 90.4g P37.5g