La mer. French sea dishes ( compilation)

Menu to navigate in the sea of French main dishes…

papillote de crystal saumon et pomélo (salmon papillote)
papillote de poisson (white fish)
papillote de poisson vanillée (vanilla fish)

Winter bouillabaisse
Summer bouillabaisse
aioli aux pommes de terre nouvelles (with cod fish)
bourride de limande et amaguri
fish cassoulet
choucroute de la mer (seafood Sauerkraut)

morue parmentière (cod and potatoes)
effeuillée de morue parmentière (cod and potato gratin)

calamars au vin (wine stewed calamari)
calamar à l’armoricaine (calamari stew)

carpaccio de daurade au pamplemousse (grapefruit marinated fish)
pétoncles à la nage (mini scallop soup)
ormeaux au beurre (buttered abalone)
salade tahitienne (Tahitian raw fish)
féroce d’avocat (avocado cod)

sole meunière
Mediterranean grilled fish
saumon vapeur aux algues (steamed salmon)
daurade flambée au pastis (anise baked fish)

Bretzelling… (via GiO)


I wanted to eat a few moricettes…
So I baked a whole batch of assorted bretzels.

really many :

Bread dough, with surdough (from the day before). For the malty touch, I add roast wheat …

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Surprise present in the plate : papillote de poisson

Oh what’s that ?

Let’s open the package…a delicate and sophisticated fragrance suddenly invades the dining room. Saffron, anise, lemon…

Lots of veggies. Isn’t that healthy ? Zucchini, carrot, celery, onion, green bell pepper, parsley…

And inside, it’s fish. A filet of Hokkaido cod fish.
Mmmmm….fine, light and delicious.

Chaudrée de saumon brumeuse et anisée – Misty anise flavor salmon chowder

The mist is steam… as it’s really cold and that soup is optimistically hot…
Did you know chowder is a “mispronunciation” of chaudrée ? And the latter comes from chaudron (hot pot, melting pot). On the Atlantic coast areas of France, they had the habit of cooking that veggie and seafood soup. Fishers exported it…

Salmon, kabocha pumpkin, red onion in water. That’s all. Or nearly, I added a few seeds of anise and a little pastis (anise liquor). Slow cook… not too long.

I had fat cuts of salmon as you see, it’s full of great omegas. So I skipped the cream or bacon. I added a little sakekasu instead. And sea salt.

sake kasu

Let’s peep here to discover the side dish…
A bifun (rice noodle) soy sauce stir-fry with cabbage, hot chili and yuzu citrus.

Cal : 564 F13.3g C78.4g P31.6g