Zu zu zu lemon tartelette : yuzu, kuzu, anzu


A delicious fresh dessert for all the lovers of sour sweetness.

Why zu zu zu ?

Zu or su, is sourness. Many acidic ingredients have this sound in Japanese. Today :
Anzu : Apricot.
Yuzu : yuzu citrus.
Kuzu : kudzu is a root resembling arrow-root and similarly used as a jelly starch.

About 1 volume of dry apricot for two of oat meal in the blender, then just a little water. Put in the mold, dried in the oven.

Yuzu. I’ve really discovered something here : yuzu and apricot are one of those rare matches made in even. Paired they become something else, a richer fruit flavor.



Kudzu as it is sold. It is 本葛 Honkuzu, pure kuzu. There exist others (explanation here).

For more : kudzu recipes.


I mixed the kuzu powder with the juice and zest of a yuzu, a little yellow cane sugar, enough water (as suggested on the package of kuzu) and cooked while stirring, till it became transparent.


Filled the crust. Let cool a few hours. Garnished with whipped coconut cream, toasted sesame seeds and yellow cane sugar.


Homely apricot tartelette

No fuss.
I will always favor the humble home-made desserts to the extravagant creations of haute patisserie. Even when they don’t look good like here, they have more soul.

Crust made of flour, rice bran, water and white sesame oil. Baked separately.

I had a left-over of vanilla custard cream. I added a few drops of bitter almond essence.

Add the apricots that macerated one hour in yellow can sugar and Chinese apricot liquor.

Oh that doesn’t look pro. The cream overflowed. That even leaked when I poured the juice from the apricots on top.
So what ? I’m going to sell it. It’s already eaten, plate was licked clean. Mmmm !