Fresh e-dill, green coolness



Let’s be reasonable during 5 minutes. Here is today’s green juice. It feels FREEEEESSSHHH ! I’ve had it for 3 days in a row, so I have to introduce you to my green idyll…


Cucumbers are very juice. The outer leaves of a romaine salad are very green. And dill is sweet !


The emerald juice.


The dry grounds. I don’t like throwing them away, so you will them in a recipe soon.


Tarte flambée and green juice



Ying and yang. The 2 extremes together : a tarte flambée and a veggie juice. Both are made quickly for a weekday lunch.


The new onions were screaming : “Une flammekueche ! Une flamm’ !An onion tart !”.
The traditional recipe of this Lorraine-Alsace delight requires bread dough :

la flamme tutorial (click here)


It’s a very quickified version : baking powder dough, onions, a little ham and some home-made coconut yogurt. Lots of black pepper. Baked in the oven-toaster.


The juice : lots of fresh komatsuna leaves and a little yuzu juice.
小松菜 komatsuna, litterally means “little pine tree greens”, but they are sorts of turnip leaves. The juice is slightly bitter but not too much to drink it.


Serve the 2 together and enjoy sin with health.


Veg juicing


Vitamins to fight the horrible weather, it’s fog, pollen, yellow sand, PM 2.5, whatever… With the pea soup outside, I don’t want the same on my table.
(Postscriptum, that was yesterday, 10th, today the sky is blue, the air maybe cleaner, but saddest anniversary of the year. 2 years ago… Vitamins are needed.)


Let’s take a red Kintoki carrot. I’ve added a little lemon juice. I got a thick paste in the blender, but after I filtered it into a smooth juice :



And some greens…うまい菜 Umaina. It’s a kind of Japanese beet leaves/Swiss chard. I took only the green parts and some grapefruit juice.



Kale rice

Not kare rice (kare raisu)… That’s childish wordplay. The Japanese for kale is keeru not kare.
Well the tittle says, it’s rice in kale sauce.

I’m a beotian foodie… So kale is simply chou frisé in French, totally ordinary curly cabbage. When I think I was envying the bloggers that had kale. I badly wanted to try fresh kale. We only see it in aojiru (herb juice). And I complained recently that my kale aojiru tasted of cabbage. Why wouldn’t it ? I should have looked for the French name. I did. Stupor : I have eaten kale, well refused to eat some, all my childhood. That was commonplace in potée (veggie stew).

So, it’s hot genmai brown rice, mixed in kale juice spiced by wasabi, with a few capers. A green rice salad.

A boiled egg.

And the heat : Shichimi togarashi spice mix, ground black sesame, whole white sesame, natural sea salt.

Miso soup with carrots and :

Oboro kombu. It’s made of kombu seaweed and vinegar.

Put it into the soup…
(This image was rejected by moderation of the photo host… I guess the moderator is a robot or a martian. Who else would see a problem here ? )

It melts !

A basic Japanese breakfast, isn’t it ? Miso soup, rice, seaweed and an egg. That’s just a different styling…

You wondered ? That’s delicious. Really, that’s the stinky boiled kale that I had issues with. This ways, that’s a great fresh tasting cabbage.

Greenfest Breakfast (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Greenfest Breakfast 1 banana, a bunch of spinach, half a lemon mixed together. Flax seeds and lemon peel reduced in powder. And 2 kiwis. Cal337.6 F5.3g C76.0g P7.4g … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Aojiru for Saint-Nicolas. Like drinking green pain d’epices.

Saint-Nicolas’s day is approaching. I have restocked in :

Anise seeds. Guess why ? Also, I’m eating rich food these days and I start seeing that on my face. So it’s nice to add a few raw dishes to restore the balance. The aojiru (green smoothie) is ideal for that. I got the idea of adding anise to it. That’s really yummy ! That’s like drinking gingerbread.

The leaves are mizuna. All that in the blender, with a little water. Va va boom…

And I couldn’t resist to eat this. And also to take a few photos. I didn’t make them. They are a present from the students of the bakery school. C’est une tuerie. So delicious that you’d kill to eat some :

Pates de fruits a la framboise et a la pomme verte. (raspberry and green apple jelly sweets)

Merci ! Arigatou !

Cal 247.1 F5.2g C50.5g P4.6g