Asari shellfish and tagliatelle



A colorful pasta, veggie, seafood one-dish meal.


Tagliatelle made with durum semolina plus a little matcha green tea powder.


Asari shellfish.


Cooked with garlic, chili, white wine, tomato paste…


…konnyaku, capers, favas (broad beans)


… stalks on mitsuba. The leaves decorate the serving plate.


Asari clam champon

That’s the season for those small asari clams… So dinner is the champon noodle in soup fiesta…

Chinese egg noodles, stir-fried with bacon. Big veggie volume : new onion, mizuna, tomato.

The shellfish opened in a mix of white miso, water and shochu. A little ginger.

Voila : customised Kyushu style Chinese noodles.
Quick, easy and so tasty.

Spicy boat

Asari clams in a spicy soup.

The base is a Thai tom yum soup, from paste. With the shellfish, onion, green pepper, wonton sheets. I added a few rice noodles forgotten in their package, too few for a dish.

With the rest of my “field” of broccoli sprouts.

Served with hot moffles (mochi waffles).

Asari and douchi hot duet (black bean shellfish sauce)

A superb sauce to change my plain old pasta.

I have enjoyed the shellfish and douchi sauces in Singapore. I don’t have their recipe, so I invented mine.

Chili and douchi Chinese fermented black beans.

Onion, tomato, a few douchi (they are VERY salty), chili…simmered in a little oil. Slightly mixed.

Added Chinese aged “wine”, then the asari clams.

Cal 364.1 F10.8g C54.6g P14.3g

SOBA ike-men (noodle arrangement)

Soba : Japanese buckwheat noodles made of pure buckwheat, buckwheat and wheat, or wheat and tea for matcha soba. Do not confuse with *chuka soba* and *yaki soba* which are ramen (Chinese style noodles).

More about noodle types :
Guided tour of my soba closet

home-made soba

Classics :

Old style soba lunch

Ikura tororo soba – fishy, creamy, chewy

Iwashi soba . Sardine soba-soup

Toshikiri-soba is Japanese New-Year kiss

Okinawan soba

Many variations :

hot salad pasta

soba cube

Crosses en goma-ae et soba

hatcho-miso soba

The “I am cold” Miso Soup

Soba chic sauce

Basil’n peas…

Zaru soba variation

with tomato tsuyu (zaru soba)

Instant ketchup for soba

Dry soba for rainy season

Matcha soba and rei-shabu

matcha soba bok choy

Soba and fragrant tofu

Soba and Five Fragrances

clams around the plate

Soba Mediterraneen (cheese gratin)

Soba and Five Fragrances

Soba (buckwheat noddles), spinach (lots), asari clams, red onion, dried garlic, dochi (fermented dried black beans), star anise, brandy… and a few leaves of shiso. With Jasmine tea.

Cal 605.6 F12.7g C88.7g P33.7g

FR : Nouille de sarrasin (soba), beacoup d’epinards, des coquillages asari, un onion rouge, ail, piment, dochi (haricots noirs fermentes), badiane, brandy et quelques feuilles de shiso. Un bol de the au jasmin.