Okono-minute, the quickest ‘yaki’


That’s a casual way to make a snack okonomiyaki at home.
Just make crepes, and garnish them with okonomiyaki toppings : kezuriboshi (dry fish flakes), aonori seaweed, negi leek and beni-shoga (pickled ginger). You can also use sakura-ebi (small dried shrimps). And you can skip any that you don’t want, of course.

It’s freely adapted from this recipe gottsuo-yaki. The author says that her grandmother was making this for children and she was wrapping it in a piece of paper so the kids could take it away to go play.


The crepe : blend or whip 1/2 cup of flour, 3/4 cup of water to get a thick liquid. Adjust quantities. Add a pinch of salt. And a handful of cut negi leeks (the white part).


These negi, Japanese Spring onion, leeks, scallions… are never far away from a Japanese kitchen.


Make a small thick crepe.


Garnish and drizzle shoyu (soy sauce).

DSC06287-001Well here, I put a pile of crepes, to be garnished on the table.
The “take out” style is to paint the top of the crepe with shoyu in the pan, garnish and fold, so the sauce is all inside.


Chinatable in my kitchen

China is a whole world as wide as my knowledge of Chinese cuisine is narrow. The dishes are more or less authentic, but everything was good.


Soup : Chinese beauty milk

Soup : Summer Chinese fragrant lake

Medusa salada (jellyfish)

Rice salad for a panda


Happy rice (chahan fried rice)

Nira chahan

Eight treasure rice bowl

Peanut and carrot congee rice porridge

Genmai okayu, brown rice congee


Today’s ramen, tan tan tan…

negi ramen (in soup with pork)

Banbanji, hiyamugi and fruit chu-hi. (Chinese chicken’n noodles)

Banbanji chicken noodles and young ginger



Shiso oyster omelet

Mabo fair : aubergine and tofu

Sesame sweet and sour tofu

Red and Sorghum with stinky tofu

Asari and douchi hot duet (black bean shellfish sauce)

Chinese crab dinner

recipe of mabo tofu

Mabo Tofu, azuki variation

Spicing up the Chuka standards, mabo tofu

dinner chuka

DIM SUM (dumplings…) :

Red daikon, red mochi.

you tiao donuts and tonyu soy milk.

panda-man (steamed meat bread)

nira mochi

satoimo mochi


Gua Bao(steamed bread, quick) classic

Daikon mochi, the lucky white carrot cake


Cumin lamb chop and kujo negi, Chinese style

banbanji (chicken) and green soy

char-siu pork roast

Osmanthus pork (muxurou)

Lackered duck skin (Peking duck style)

Springtime bokchoi ring, oyster sauce stir-fry

“Sichuan huiguorou” styled chicken


Sesame jewels. The Chinatown treat home-made.

Mango sherbet and litchees

mangomania pudding

A silky Chinese dessert, annin doufu

Chinese lampion apple

plum niangao (New Year sweets)


yun-yeung cha (love duck tea)

Salty Gourmande, litchee cocktail

bubble tea (macha)

bubble milk (strawberry)

Yuzu puer cha

Filipina salada (buko pandan)

Buko pandan, coconut and pandan. It’s a sweet, not a real salad.
This is my “agar du jour”, and that’s a luxury one.

It’s as simple as turning pandan leaves into jelly.


I’ve taken 3 leaves for 1/2 liter of water. Made a knot to leaves, brought to a boil, take away from fire. Cut the leaves roughly, still in the water (with scissor). Let 15 minutes.
Sieve 1/2 cup of liquid. Transfer the rest in mixer. Juice.
Add one dose of agar (they use a ressembling seaweed in the Philippines, it’s totally equivalent) to the clear liquid, bring to boil. Pour in it the juice (through a mesh filter), add a little sugar, sweetener. Stir well. Transfer in jelly case. It hardened in 15 minutes.

Cubes of green sweetness. The flavor of pandan is encantly sweet and tropical. Not an hint of bitterness. Like a dream of sticky rice and vanilla.
Then add 1 tablespoon of coconut cream (that you dind floating on top of coconut milk).

Some would add condensed milk or even whipped cream. No thanks, I prefer my (3 (back to back simpler… I confess) serving of the simpler version to one of theirs.
The coconut cream is naturally sweet, if you’re an extremely sweet tooth you can add a little syrup. I promise you, it’s rich enough, and flavor is plentyful. I enjoy it this way. Mmmmmm !

Thailand street banana roti, with coconut

The Thai decadent dessert… I tried to make one. And I’m happy with the result. Yuuuuummyy !

Ingredients in Thailand :
Flour (all purpose) and water for the dough,
Thai banana,
Peanut oil,
Thai peanut butter,
Condensed milk.

Gourmande kitchen’s version :
Flour (all purpose) and water for the dough,
T(h)aiwan banana,
White sesame oil,
Neri goma (pasted sesame),
Unsweetened coconut milk
Dry coconut shreds (fried a few with the roti)

Prepare the dough in advance, let it sit, kneed, oil the balls, let them sit. Then do like on the video :

2 small roti (yep, that makes you a meal…)

Cal 584.1 F36.2g C64.0g P7.7g

Thai pumpkin custard