Let’s make edamame pancakes

To bring some green and protein to veggie based brunch.

I had seen them on pinterest but the recipe was gluten free and full of weird substitute ingredients. So I put blanched one cup of edamame green soy beans into the blender, 1 cup of water, spices, baking powder and I eyeballed flour to get a classic pancake batter, about 3 round tbs.
Problem : That took ages to cook. That was too humid. So next time, I’ll make a thicker batter.

Mustard peas. Well, your yellow mustard paste is mustard seeds and turmeric powder. I stir-fried the snap peas with these 2 ingredients and some olive oil. I really love that.

Edamame, carrot ribbons, vinegared cabbage…

These mizu nasu aubergines can be eaten raw. I have marinated them in a sauce (in the blender : roasted sesame, miso, sugar, shishito green pepper, a little sugar). Some more shishito on top.

Kabocha and carrot kibbeh

I have followed the trend of the pumpkin kibbeh recipe on this blog Hommus w tabbouli. A kibbeh is some dish made of bulgur, and often mixed and stuffed with ground meat. This one is a Lent recipe from Lebanon. It’s meatless. And it’s a baked kibbeh.

When it’s baked it’s a sort of pie. You can see the filling with chick peas.

Overnight soaked bulgur. I’ve added a puree of kabocha pumpkin and carrot, a few spices (mace, ras el hanout, black pepper, flour), and some flour. Let one hour in the fridge.

I’ve used what I had : the chick pea, onions, spinach. The nuts are replaced by sunflower seeds. I’ve cut in small bits the green rind of kabocha. I stir-fried in olive oil, with a little garlic.

The filling is sandwiched between 2 layers of bulgur mix. Baked like a gratin.

That’s crispy on the top, and very filling. I liked it a lot, but I should used more spices. I’ll know next time. That was not a problem as I had a spicy side dish.

Imam bayildi.

Plum chutney lamb

I really enjoyed this meal, tasty and balance. Lamb’s strength and the sour’n sweetness of the chutney, that was the perfect accord.

That’s an easy one if you have the chutney in stock. If not, make some :

My chunky ume plum chutney (recipe)

Sear a lamb chop with very little olive oil. Cover with chunky chutney.

Hakusai (napa cabbage) stir-fried with the lamb.

Freshly prepared new genmai (brown rice).

The refill of steamed veggies : aubergines, red onion, shishito peppers, tomato paste. Flavor is rosemary.

A little protein boost : yakko tofu. It’s cubed kinudofu (silky texture). With negi leeks and nama shoyu soy sauce.

The whole meal (1 serving of rice):
Cal 589.7 F25.7g C76.3g P22.5g