Quick dashi from scratch… or from fish flakes (via Gourmande in Osaka)

LY : the first step of Japanese cooking

Quick dashi from scratch... or from fish flakes Fish flakes… I am cheating, I could start with a block of dried fish and shave it, but I don't do that. You can buy this "kezuri katsuo", bonito flakes in Asian grocery stores. Dashi is the stock. It will take 2 minutes of your time to do it. That's a basic for decent Japanese cooking. What's wrong with instant dashi ? Not much, only MSG, preservatives, flavoring and higher price. This is one recipe, among others. I use a combo of 3 ingredients … Read More

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Spaghetti squash and walnut miso (via Gourmande in Osaka)


Spaghetti squash and walnut miso No fuss : 5 minutes in microwave full steam, returned it, 5 minutes again. Cooked ! Walnut and garlic… …wheat miso and black rice vinegar… …add a little water to get the sauce texture. With leaves of endive and sliced negi leek. The squash can be hot or cold. Cal 140.1 F5.3g C20.8g P5.6g … Read More

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Making dashi…’t! (Obanazawa no dashi) (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Making dashi...'t! (Obanazawa no dashi) CAUTION : This stuff is highly addictive ! It's a tsukemono, J-style pickles. This one is a cousin of the picalilli. You can eat them with rice, tofu… or how you want. For instance, directly from the bowl, barefoot in front of the fridge in the middle of the night. A dinner with Yamagata no dashi This is not the run of mill tsukemono at your local sushi shop, but a regional specialty. Of course, I can buy some in Osaka but that's expensive. Ing … Read More

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Combi-meal French-Japanese ~Part 1~ Asperges blanches sauce aux oeufs – Asparagus and egg sauce (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Combi-meal French-Japanese ~Part 1~ Asperges blanches sauce aux oeufs - Asparagus and egg sauce When the meal starts French and finishes Japanese. I like fusion, when it's tasteful. I am less fan of combinations. I don't like much the International Hotel Buffet style, with a quiche lorraine on the same table as sushi, Christmas pudding and pizza. I know many people don't care. Do you appreciated buffets with no coherent thematic ? Do you mix all sorts of dish in a meal ? So often, when I combine in a meal, I do it in 2 servings. I clear the … Read More

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Chocolate and azuki (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Chocolate and azuki Azuki beans (3 half-cups, just boiled in water) and an 1 egg for the base. Four tbs of cocoa powder and 10g of cocoa paste for the choco taste. A tbs of dried currents and 1/2 an apple for sweetness (you would probably add sugar) A little kirsch liquor and butter, to make it sinful. All that in the blender, then in slow-heat oven (170 deg C) 50 minutes. Let it cool. Wait 24 to 48 hours to eat… well, you should, flavors take time to develop. My … Read More

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