Tofu : tout !

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It’s compilation on the tofu topic…I add data regularly.

3 main tofu textures :

You have Japanese tofu that is :
kinu-dofu, silky tofu
momen-dofu, cotton tofu (translated as *firm tofu* in English)
Both are soft and watery. The first is very soft like egg pudding, the second is soft like starch pudding.
Really firm and dry tofu, the one that has a texture closer to meat is popular in China. It’s uncommon in Japan, except ….

Bottom line : If you like firm tofu…

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Salade des îles (via gourmande in Osaka)

LY : the colorful Tahitian sashimi salad.

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This food is strikingly colorful naturally…
Too bad I had not the island light. It was dark at dinner time.

It’s a Tahitian salad.
…coconut cream, more shreds of coconut…

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