Matelotte de truite ayu


A matelotte is a French river fish stew, with a creamy wine sauce. It’s out of fashion now, which is a shame. It’s really delicious. Well you need good river fish. When I was a kid, we often had neighbors that were emptying their fish pond, and we had some more often that we wished. Now it’s a rarity.


Ayu is a type of small river trout. They are farmed, at least partially. It’s rarely if ever prepared this way.

Japanese ayu dish

I got a few that were a bit too large for Japanese style, but perfect for my purpose.


Garniture aromatique. Fresh veggies and herbs in butter. The sauce is based on white wine.


With lots of mushrooms.


You can have reasonably healthy side dishes. Pink sauerkraut.


Salade trévise (radicchio).


A good Sunday meal.


Ayu hungry ?

This beautiful girl’s name is Ayu because she has the same smart eyes and glossy look as the famous Japanese pop star. Or is it the contrary ?
This fish carries the whole mood of Japanese Summer. It’s a little freshwater trout, excellent just now.

The taste is very light and delicate. The simple is the best : shio-yaki. Roasted with salt.
Empty the fish, rinse it, sprinkle a few grains of coarse natural sea salt (the kind that seems “wet”). Wait a little, 5 minutes is enough for a thin skin fish. Roast in a fish oven, in a oven-toaster, under the grill/broiler, on a brasero…

Then, something green. It’s called sashimi konnyaku. It’s a faux-sashimi. Konnyaku is a sort of yam/potato. Nearly no calories, but an interesting texture. I buy it like that, just rinse and serve. It’s green because flavored with seaweeds. It’s very refreshing.
There was no sauce, usually it’s *miso-naigrette*… It’s called su-miso (keep the hyphen, as that + the blog’s name… LOL), su = vinegar and miso, usually white miso, that is very sweet.
Not a big deal to make yours. Mine is a bit tweaked.

Sauce : organic wheat miso (with chunks of wheat) + black rice vinegar + neri-goma (yellow sesame “butter”, tahini) + sesame seeds.

Same sauce on spinach :

Rice, with myoga.

Myoga and green yuzu citrus. Flavors go so well together.

Cal : 337.5 F9.8g C49.6g P26.6g