Pakuchi som tam papaya, and baby corn


I took my mortar to prepare a little Thai style lunch around cilantro/coriander green papaya salad.


So now we have local green papaya, let’s grate it.


Garlic, green hot chili. Then red hot hot hot chili (very little, it’s so hot), ami ebi salty shrimps, toasted peanuts, kabosu lime juice, a little sugar, nam pla fish sauce. Then red sweet chili, green papaya, coriander leaves and stalks.


Tam ! Tam ! Tam ! Tam !


Fresh baby corn from Thailand.


I’ve used it for a stir-fry. Just oil and a little garlic, to cook the white parts of negi leeks, shishito green peppers, edamame beans, then the baby corn. I garnished with sweet chili sauce.


Brown rice.


A nice 3 dish meal.



Hey, I ate only salad…

Only salad and I feel like I’ve eaten a lot.

A classic. Tzadziki.

Another classic. Potato sausage salad, with mustard vinaigrette.
The potatoes are a special sort with this saffron color flesh, but they taste like the regular ones.

The star.

Baby corn and edamame.

Scramble egg paprika dressing.

Fresh baby corn and avocado melty parcels

I can usually by raw baby corn but that’s the first time I get some with all the hair and leaves :

I made small oven-fried parcels with bought (wheat) Spring roll sheets :

Avocado, baby corn, harissa and cumin (powdered). I made 2. About 1/2 an avocado. I can’t eat more. No idea why.

A third one with cheese, tomato, bell pepper, basil, herbs…

5 minutes and ….

Eight treasures on domburi

The domburi is a whole meal in a bowl. The vessel is a domburi. Rice + toppings + sauce… Here a simple oyster sauce and ginger “ankake” (jelly textured sauce on stir-fry).

Red onion, kabocha pumpkin, garlic stalks, egg (yep, others use quail eggs, the hen ones are good too, LOL), calamari tentacles, baby corn, shishito peppers and shiitake mushrooms.

On new genmai (brown rice).

Cal 544.8 F12.6g C101.9g P24.7g

Vongole bianco al’ sake.

An easy one, always delicious…

Pasta for fideua cooked 1/2 as recommended. Onion, white mushrooms, very fragrant green sweet chili, stir-fried in olive oil. Add clams (they were cooked and unshelled), 1/2 cup of Japanese sake, the pasta, 1/2 cup of water. 2 minutes… Add salt, pepper. Eat !

Fresh baby corn. The canned one is tasteless, I never buy it. It’s a nice bit of crunchiness cold.

Added to my plate of crudites, seasoning is sudachi lemon.

Cal 518.5 F8.2g C79.2g P27.5g