Rôti, farci, roulé. (Summer pork roast)


Dégusté : eaten with pleasure.
Rôti de porc farci , stuffed pork roast.


Farci : a pork filet mignon (soft sirloin) stuffed with cheese, herbs and dry tomatoes.


Emballé : wrapped in smoked bacon.


Rôti : roasted.


Coupé : cut.


Servi : Served with a tarte polenta.


Tofaye, the ultimate potato pot


Tofailles, tofaie, tofaye… whatever the name is the solid treat from the Lorraine Vosges mountain area. Ideal for cold or chilly days, so it was served year round in farms. They all made their own bacon surely.


It’s potatoes. Bacon. Onion. White wine. Some add this or that… And the main ingredient is time. Forget it hours on the wood (or induction) stove :


It’s so soft and nicely caramelized under.



A camelia bud, still Winter but blossom season is arriving…


Sériole bardée. Bacon buri.

Buri( Greater amberjack, Sériole) is quite a lean fish in this season. It’s great raw, but when you cook a slice, it’s dry… So I tried to wrap it in a barde (band) of bacon before searing it :

Perfect balance !

That’s crazy how a nice gown changes everything !

With a little homemade mustard.

Sekihan (azuki bean rice) and salad as sides.

Nom nom nom…

Mizuna night pizza

A random dinner pizza…
The home-bakery made the dough with rice bran and olive oil added to the flour.

I garnished with what I needed to use in the fridge : carrot slices (under), onion, tomato paste, mizuna greens, black olives, lardon bacon bits and silky tofu. To make it a ‘zza, tomato paste, salt, pepper, paprika powder, chili pepper seeds and olive oil.

After baking : more fresh leaves of mizuna with balsamico + olive oil dressing on top.
It was crispy under, rich in taste and the top texture was pleasantly creamy but much lighter on the stomach that if it had been cheese.
Yummy !

With the rest of dough, I made poppy seed buns :

A Winter minestrone with mizuna greens and pancetta

A hot, warm, earthy soup meal with a charming perfume of rosemary.

Winter minestrone is when you don’t get many fresh ingredients. In this season that’s normal. There are no tomatoes, no fresh broads beans. It’s the time to use dry beans. I had some white ones already cooked (my freezer stock).
They discounted the pancetta. As you can see more package than bacon, but well they sell it like the butter at the pharmacy, not cheap. There is a huge “exotic tax”. I buy it only on sales. Yesterday, 50% discount, that was mine !
I had mizuna greens. So why not ?

First the bacon, onions, garlic. Then the rosemary, potatoes and water. After 10 minutes : tomato and stalks of mizuna. After 20 minutes, beans, more green, more garlic. After 20 minutes, finition with salt, pepper, parmesan cheese.

What can you had to this great soup to make it even greater ?
Pancetta fried in olive oil, and oil.
Or mizuna raw leaves and grated parmesan cheese.
I put all that.