Golden sesame baby bagels express…

Ideal for breakfast or brunch. You won’t have them in 5 minutes, but you just need 3 minutes of your time, so you can do your gym, take shower, etc. You wouldn’t go out to buy some in pajama anyway. So bake them.
And in less than 1 hour :

Tatada ! A 1/2 dozen of cute mini golden sesame bagels !

1. Put some sesame seeds to toast. In a bowl mix flour and baking powder, a little salt, a little oil, water enough to make it gooey. Add in the seeds.
2. With a spoon and wet fingers fill some ring “donut” molds (savarin molds they are). Let 15 minutes.
3. Put in the toast at 180 degrees (that took 15 minutes).

For 2/3 cup of flour, I had 6 minis.

Serve hot with fresh fruits : kaki (persimmon) and mikan (mandarin orange). Add butter if you want,but they are delicious just like that, flavored by the sesame.

Let the butter melt and sprinkle a little Ceylon cinnamon powder.

Keep a few for later.

Bretzelling… (via GiO)


I wanted to eat a few moricettes…
So I baked a whole batch of assorted bretzels.

really many :

Bread dough, with surdough (from the day before). For the malty touch, I add roast wheat …

Read more.

Ugly rings…

A totem ? No, a batch of those delicious ugly bagels…

A bagel tree.

Their aspect is not smoother than last time… I could change of recipe but would they be as good ?

another batch (with recipe)

Can you guess the flavors ? I had nothing very fancy in stock…

Inside the chocolate one. Yummy ! I’ll keep the recipe.

Answer : 1 batch =
1 plain
+ 2 raisin-cinnamon
+ 1 goji berries
+ 1 chocolate chips (cocoa mass)
+ 1 coffee (with instant coffee)

Kiki the witch bakes cherry bagels. (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Kiki the witch bakes cherry bagels. Kiki the witch-MAP is my "panyakiki" AKA "machine that bakes your pan"… yep, Home-Bakery in Japanese. In France, we say MAP (machine a pain). Mine is "Kiki" for the friends, like Miyazaki's Kiki the witch. Miyazaki's flying Kiki. Old Kiki baking in my home… I bought her many years ago, and she kneeds half of the bread I eat. Ping-pong balls. Shaped bagels. Inflated. Bathing. Doubling of volume. Boiled. Baked. They don't taste like the bagels … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka


I wanted to eat a few moricettes…

Dinner with Moricette

So I baked a whole batch.

Bread dough, with surdough (from the day before). For the malty touch, I add roast wheat germs.


Bath in soda water…

They get out yellow. Add more yellow from egg yolk diluted in water. And bake till they turn brown.

Moricette au sel. I give the French names… I don’t know others. They are also called malicettes, minicettes or spelled mauricettes. I think a company registered the “moricette” brand so other shops had to change. That’s not fair.

Moricette au sesame.

Batons au sesame et pavot.

Noeud au sesame.

I also made balls, a bretzel, a bagel…

This last one is dessert, sweetened with yellow cane sugar. It’s a singer. Yeah, with anise seeds. It’s moricette a l’anis . I wonder if her parents (or her management) gave her the name on purpose.