banbanji and green soy


A variation around banbanji, the Chinese cold chicken dish. I’m using a bean not so common, even here in Japan :


緑大豆midori daizu. Green soy beans. Also called 青大豆 ao daizu. Blue soy beans.
They are dry soy beans that are green/blue, while the regular ones are white, and sometimes black :

They are not edamame, the fresh (not dry) soy beans.

Edamame. See this post about preparing them.


Cooked. The process is the same as for other beans, soaking, boiling…


The base of banbanji is chicken slowly boiled in water with ginger and leek, then let cool in the broth. Later the meat is very tender. Then mungo bean sprouts, maitake mushrooms, red bell pepper, grated ginger…all are raw.
Plus the green soy beans.


Soaked, and boiled.


The sauce is goma dare (sesame, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, a little sugar).



Banbanji noodles and young ginger

Roght season for cool noodles…

Chinese noodles (bought fresh), boiled and refreshed in iced water. Boiled chicken, cooled in its broth. The meat is very tender.

Fresh young ginger. I got a big bush of it. It is very mild and can be eaten like that without starting a fire in your mouth.

Gomadare, sesame sauce. The vinegar in it has a cooling effect too.

Great, I should do that more often.