Garden lunch : bento chirashi

The rose sushi goes to the park for lunch….

making the chirashi

Steamed : Okra, leek whites and a shiitake.

Raw sliced Japanse turnip.

Grilled : miso sawara mackerel , with kinome.
seikyozuke sawara

Ready to go under the Sun.

Chirashi, composing a bouquet of sushi

Bara sushi (rose sushi), chirashi covered with decorative items like the ground is covered by flowers in Spring.
The rice is also flavored. This is not the most classic version.

Classic vinegared sushi rice.

+ shrimps
(dried rehydrated in Awamori, cooked with soy sauce)

+ koya-dofu
(freeze-dry tofu, rehydrated and cooked with yukari and mirin)

= chirashi rice.

Threads of egg (see more here).

Umeboshi (pickled plum) for the center.

Egg threads for a rose sushi

Many versions… Let’s have fun.


They can be used to garnish all types of dishes, sweet or savory. One possibility is to display them on chirashi sushi, among other colorful toppings or on their own.
It can be called bara sushi (rose sushi) or bara chirashi (spreading roses) as it looks like the ground with lots of petals on it.

A pretty verrine version. Sushi rice, beans, umeboshi and lots of eggs… A nice side-dish.