Crème de sakura (sakura an)


桜餡sakura an is the girlie version of anko, the classic sweet bean paste used to make Japanese sweets.


It is traditionally flavored with pickled sakura.


Dried daifuku mame. They are big white beans, very convenient to make Japanese sweets.


After soaking and cooking.


1. Paste the beans.
2. Add color (beni koji for red) and syrup or sugar. I also add a little brandy.
3. Pass the paste through a sieve.
4. Add pickled minced sakura leaves (for strong taste) and/or flowers (for lighter taste and pink bits in the mass).
5. Let a few hours, so the paste takes the full flavor.

The pickled sakura must be rinsed and soaked, otherwise they are really too salty.


That’s the finished paste. It can be used in sweets and breads.

DSC07698-001 With the rest of paste that didn’t pass the filtering, and some leftover of anko bean paste, I made a toast.

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Recipes using sakura-an :
DSC07734-001sakura mochi
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Japanese tea, moffle and tsubuan

3 p.m. Tea time in Japan. On a dark afternoon.

The season of moffles is starting…

I’ve bought kiri mochi.

And made the moffles.

Fork mashed azuki beans and kurozato black sugar (melted in syrup) to make tsubuan anko , the chunky bean paste.

To spread on the moffles. And enjoy with a cup of genmaicha green tea with roast rice.

Like a strawberry daifuku

That takes 5 minutes to make this delight.

Azuki beans, boiled. Plus honey (or syrup).


Wrapped in mochi (sticky rice paste).

ichigo daifuku

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Copycat of moonstone daifuku, cheese-cake wagashi

They are black sesame daifuku mochi, with lemony cream-cheese filling. It’s creamilicious, and that makes a slightly sweet treat, very refreshing.
I made them, but I copied a bought version.
It’s always a fun challenge to try to reproduce food you ate somewhere.

ORIGINAL from the shop :

I bought “kurogoma cream cheese daifuku mochi” from my nearby wagashi maker.

Some sort of biscuit (monaka wafer I think), with shiro-an white bean paste, mixed with cream cheese, flavored with lemon. Around it’s mochi with black sesame.


It’s Barbarella ! I have a field of moonstones :

No technical difficulty. I mixed sweet white bean paste with same amount of cream cheese, flavored with zest and juice of sudachi lemon.
Differences : I didn’t have the wafer, mine is less sweet, and I used more cheese.
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Yes, they were delicious !

Enjoy with ryokucha, simple green tea.