Fresh wasabi Spring rolls



Heat wave lunch ! The weather is cooking us. Wasabi is a refreshing spice, ideal for the season.


A root of wasabi.


Dices of wasabi.


Chirimen-jako (small dried fish).


Mixed in with natto and tsuyu sauce.


Inside full veggie Spring rolls.


Served with tomato juice.


Masala fresh rolls


Today’s Spring rolls.


Here are all the ingredients. As you can see a garam masala Indian spice mix…


Mushrooms and avocado sprinkled with lemon juice. Onion and goya bitter squash are sliced, salted and later rinsed. Grated red cabbage and bell pepper.


Steamed bean sprouts.




On rice paper. Roll and serve fresh.


Sage pesto and coconut cream ballerina pasta


Ballerina pasta dancing in coconut with sweet onions, mushrooms and fresh green pesto. The color of this humble pesto is light but the taste of sage is very present.


I had a few leaves of fresh sage, so that I immediately thought about pasta.


I simply stir-fried new onion and maitake mushrooms in coconut cream, added pepper, the al-dente pasta.


For the pesto, I pounded sage leaves in a mortar, added salt and some coconut sauce from the pan to make it liquid.


The pasta, served with the pesto in its mortar.


The side dish is natto, mizuna greens with bough soy bean sprout kimchi.


Preparing the tonyu nabe (soy milk Japanese hot pot)

The nabe (hot pot) has saved generations of Japanese from freezing in Winter in the chilly houses.

The broth makes the pot. It’s a tonyu nabe, the soup is tonyu (soy milk) that I freshly made.

Flavoring for the soup.

Veggies, many : spinach, bean sprouts, onion, carrot, red kabu turnip, edamame beans, shungiku, negi and nanohana greens.

Seafood : shrimps and cuts of tai fish. So it’s ready for tonight, when it will be too dark for photos.

It’s simple, heat the broth (don’t boil the soy milk), add flavoring… and dip in ingredients.

Spring festival : here is the roll…

Spring chrysanthemum Spring rolls !

Still celebrating the Lunar New Year with food… Well this week is really busy, with also Carnival and Valentine. But this food is lighter and refreshing.

Let’s prepare the ingredients :

Rice paper.

Shungiku (young chrysanthemum greens), carrot, shrimps (boiled), onion (blanched).

Ground sesame.

Bean sprouts (blanched).

The dip : sweet chili sauce, rice vinegar and sesame.

It’s complete.

Let’s roll them…

Gyoza miso nabe (relax hot pot). Step 1 : display.

A cool… no hot nabe Japanese hotpot with ginger flavored chicken gyoza dumplings. A meal to cook directly on the table and relax longly, and enjoy season food. It’s very popular for parties and all gathering, but you can start at one. Preparing takes less time than reading this post.

gas + donabe

Material :
-a stove you can place on your table. They make convenient and cheap gas ones (in any Chinatown). I also have a small induction one. A brasero is too slow for a big pot, but for one or two, that works.
-a nabe (pot). That can be any thick bottom pot. There are beautiful ones in black cast iron (kuro tetsu), or in pottery (donabe). It’s better to use one that seems too small than too big for the number of guests. The goal is to cook progressively and eat immediately each bite, so you want to cook in many small batches.
-a pot with hot water not far away

A bit of dashi kombu, the seaweed. That’s the base for the broth.

Chunky koji miso. How much ? I’d say a good spoonful per person for a full meal. Then that depends if you like your food salty.
Some mochi. It’s the full season as we are so close to New Year. I had square kiri-mochi. We can buy any size here. They sell thinly cuts ready for hot pots, but slicing yours is not difficult. I slice some, I keep some whole for the final.
Dumpling skins that you can make yourself. I bought them this time. Well, some buy the gyoza ready, but that’s not funny.
DIY gyoza

For the filling : ground chicken meat and diced fresh ginger. That’s all. The ground meat could go bad if it stayed too long unrefrigerated, so take it from the fridge at the last minute. If you are many, bring one a bowl and refill later as you go.

Season veggies that you like.
The greens of hakusai (napa cabbage). Bean sprouts. And yukikesho kabocha, sliced finely, if possible. The rind of kabocha is edible.

That’s ready. Jump to step 2 (here).

Grilled tofu lunch

Another little casual lunch. Light, crunchy, colorful, refreshing.

Cotton tofu drained from water. The slices are just patted with olive oil and herbs. Grilled.

I had a leftover of harissa tomato sauce.

A simple oyster sauce stir-fry with lots of sprouts, okra, cabbage, snow peas…

With a small flat bread.
I’ve eaten well.