Yamamomo tofu cake


A fresh dessert made with this season fruit. Simple and very refreshing.


Full size (served in the dish) :

Scramble a small block of momen tofu (firm tofu), add 4 tbs of flour, 1 tbs of potato starch, 3 tbs of almond oil, vanilla extract and a little rum. Add enough water to get a batter nearly liquid.


About yamamomo

Rinse a few fruits and roll them in sugar. Place in the dishes. Cover with batter. Bake (about 40 min, not too hot). It’s not totally firm but top should be golden. Let cool. Serve the next day, chilled.


Small version.


Out of the mold. Sprinkle a little vanilla sugar on top.


The contrast of the flavorful tart fruit and the soft creaminess of tofu is delicious.


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Raining on the parade trifle

It’s raining. Raining. Pouring. Raining. Rainy season… We live in shade, half-shade, sunless brightness, humidity, mist, fog and water.

We are not cold, it’s hot some days. Not sure it’s better when it’s hot or cold. Today temperature is OK.

It’s as if I was inside that bowl. Wet and misty in it, and outside. You’re well nowhere. The good news is that lasts one only one month. What do they do in countries with rain all year ? Let’s say in England… They put a waterproof hat on their royals and they parade them.
They also make trifle !

A royal idea.
That was not premeditated but this is a dairy free recipe. Well, the recipes you see here are rarely planned. If ever. Now that happens. I have ingredients, then the idea.
I had leftovers of plain ok’cake (made with okara tofu fiber, click here for more). It’s basically just egg flavor, well like custard flavor cake. This time, it was very moist. That will count as custard and cake. Plant based whip. I do like the whip cream from cows, but it does not like me and my gut if it’s not fermented. I like the taste of this one too.

Take strawberries…

Put that in a huge kitsch crystal ball. Or the lid of a yogurt maker. I sprinkled with sweet cinnamon and unrefined cane sugar that have the same color and texture.

Ready !

Let’s enjoy it with the little fingers up… I never knew why you were supposed or not to do that gesture. But the trifl… nom, nom, nom…

Trois petites marquises noires


Marquise noire gourmande

Yield 4 servings as part of a dessert, 2 servings if there is only the marquise and sauce

cocoa mass 40 g
butter 40 g
sugar 5 g
egg yolk (1) 20 g
“creme de framboise”, a raspberry liquor 15 g
egg white (1) 30 g

Make a mousse : Beat egg whites. Melt cocoa, stir in butter, yolks, sugar, liquid, then, incoporate egg whites in 3 times. Pour in mold(s). Freeze 2 hours, then keep in the fridge. Or refrigerate 6 hours.
It tastes better the next day.

The plate is wet with more “creme de framboise”. The powder is sweet potato (Japanese cake ingredient).

Iced. Thick sweet cranberry juice on the plate.

With green tea.