Today’s bibinbap


Korean lunch : bibinbap, the colorful rice bowl.
Put rice to cook in the cooker and let’s go :


Namul veggies (preparation here)


Azuki-natto : I heated onion and cooked azuki beans with a little oil. When the onions were cooked, added a little miso and natto and mashed roughly.


The soup is soaking water of shiitake mushrooms (those used for the namul), in it, I cooked mini-radish and added cubes of silky tofu.
Also get some kimchi, a egg yolk and fragrant sesame oil.


Put all the garnishing veggies on very hot rice, add a egg yolk, a drizzle of sesame oil. Serve with the hot soup.


Add a little broth in the bowl, mix and enjoy :



In April, that was buzzed…


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Green Green Green

Pomelo and sea grape temaki-zushi (green sushi cones)
Veg veg burgers, and Bulldog sauce
Tartine de printemps (country bread fresh sands)

Herbs and pesto

Sage pesto and coconut cream ballerina pasta
Mint cha gio, green Spring rolls
Shiso pesto

Tofu dishes

Sesame sweet and sour tofu
Tofu, natto and green caviar sea grapes
Tofu manju in ankake
Tofu compil’


Namul, Koreanizing the veggies
Chigae red velvet soup
Korean compil’


Burning strawberry dew
Green juice

Salty caramel

salty caramel filled chocolates
‘caramel salé’ spread

Nancy, Lorraine…

Le Nancy. Grandma’s so soft chocolate cake.
Gâteau de Metz (rival chocolate cake)
Tarte flambée, Lorraine’s pizza
petite madeleine lorraine
Stohrer’s baba


Tonight, let’s bibimbap



Bring me gochujang sauce ! I want a bibimbap, the delicious Korean rice dish.


Prepare all that. I cooked ground beef meat with a little garlic and a hint of soy sauce. Local supermarkets all sell platters of namul veggies, but you can prepare yours. For the detail, click here.


I don’t have a special stone dish. So I have baked the terracotta dish, passed sesame oil in the bottom, added hot cooked rice, sesame seeds, baked again.
Then you can see a cup of broth with seaweeds. A spoon and chopsticks.


Place everything on the top. That’s served.
Then with the spoon add a little broth on the gochujang and start mixing…


Korean Gourmande

home-made nira kimchi.

Anyong ! A little compilation of my Korean, Korean-Osakan and Korean-Gourmande recipes on this blog :

N.B : click on the links, not the photos.

DSC02423-001 green jeon

DSC02460-001 koyadofu tokpokki

DSC02198-001 nira chijimi

Korean style Taisho kintoki beans

Imperial abalone soup

tofu chigae with goya

steamer menu

black beans Korean wind

Petit yaki-niku (Korean barbecue)

A red velvet Korean soup

Instant supper : gochujang bean soup

Cheesy tokkpokki al dente ?

Bibinbap from a set…

that’s a wrap : tokkpokki and yakitori

Raw-bergine on Korean soba

Nameko, the funny mushroom and Seoul Summer noodles

Korean-Osakan Bibin’men (cooled noodles)

Oyi neang guk

nira chijimi


today’s bibimbap… double daikon

bibimbap with 2 sorts of kimchi

ginseng chicken soup

making yuzu-cha (yuja-cha)

Today’s bibimbab…double daikon.

You’ll see it often here. I could even make a bibimbap category.
Korean “mixed rice”… the recipe is simple
-very hot rice : I put the riceit the plate and re-heat it in the oven, or I use a special bowl that is also heated in the oven , then I pass sesame oil and put freshly cooked rice on it
-a variety of ingredients, raw, pickled and cooked veggies, seafood, kimchi, meat…
-a little kochijan sauce
-often an egg (especially if there is no meat nor seafood)
To eat : mix everything quickly.
You can add a few spoons of soup if it’s too dry (and if you have soup).

Today : Double serving of hatsuga genmai rice, kimchi, boiled mushrooms, daikon radish leaves and stalks (slightly passed in hot water), very small daikon roots, egg, sesame seeds, kochijan sauce and a few drops of fragrant dark sesame oil.

Cal 548 F16.3g C75.4g P27.5g