Threads of pastel

To tame an envy of bifun (rice vermicelli).

The bifun are colored by a creamy pesto of basil, almond, garlic, salt and olive oil.

Soy bean sprouts.

Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, red onion and a little sweet chili sauce.
That makes a filling quick meal, very tasty.

Chaudrée de saumon brumeuse et anisée – Misty anise flavor salmon chowder

The mist is steam… as it’s really cold and that soup is optimistically hot…
Did you know chowder is a “mispronunciation” of chaudrée ? And the latter comes from chaudron (hot pot, melting pot). On the Atlantic coast areas of France, they had the habit of cooking that veggie and seafood soup. Fishers exported it…

Salmon, kabocha pumpkin, red onion in water. That’s all. Or nearly, I added a few seeds of anise and a little pastis (anise liquor). Slow cook… not too long.

I had fat cuts of salmon as you see, it’s full of great omegas. So I skipped the cream or bacon. I added a little sakekasu instead. And sea salt.

sake kasu

Let’s peep here to discover the side dish…
A bifun (rice noodle) soy sauce stir-fry with cabbage, hot chili and yuzu citrus.

Cal : 564 F13.3g C78.4g P31.6g

Fun ginger b-fun’

Soup and noodles, what’s better for a quick Winter lunch ? They are bifun, beefoon (any spelling will do), which simply means rice noodles. And raw ginger magically gives you energy and feeling of warm…

I had pork broth, so I covered the noddles with it. I salted with a little oyster sauce. Added toppings.

De december 3

Chicken, broccoli and tofu.

It’s yaki-dofu, they “burn” the surface of this tofu with a flame. It stays better in hot pots.

Kuko (goji berries) and sesame.

The fire : lots of sticks of ginger and one (not more) hot chili.

Cal 452 F16.0g C62.5g P18.8g

Soupe aux huitres et à la mélisse

Oyster and lemon balm soup. It’s a simple milky soup with butter sauteed onions, carrot slices, shiitake mushroom.

Added a little cream, then heated the oysters and lemon balm leaves in this white bath. The oysters are not cooked, just heated. It’s a delicious Winter dish, a nice balance of taste and softness.

After that, bifun (rice noodles) in oyster sauce, with spinach, garlic and egg. More “solid” but always pleasant and filling.

Cal 532 F15.0g C75.3g P23.2g

Little shrimps and mint

Ama-ebi, Nordic shrimps from Hokkaido. First in a little ceviche, with mint, lemon and pepper. They have lost their prime quality to be eaten as plain sashimi.

The change of color in the sauce occurs very quickly.


Small leaf mint and small shrimps…

This is kushinsai, water morning glory, liseron d’eau.
A nice South-Asian stir-fry green.

That’s the dish : bifun (rice vermicelli), garlic, onion, ginger, celery stalk, bell pepper, kushinsai, shrimp and mint. Salt and a little Sichuan pepper.

(the stir-fry)
Cal 398.2 F6.7g C62.1g P23.0g