Mountain of veggies green curry


Yeah, all those veggies inside a curry trying to recreate the mountain green curry of the mountain people in the North of Thailand and South of China. It’s very sour, very bitter, very green… and the combination is refreshing. Well, that’s my arranged version with what I had in stock, as they surely never get favas and okras, but they have many local produce I can’t get.
I think the sansho (lemony, bitter), the goya (bitter), the ginger (hot) bring the good balance.


Green sansho peppercorns (frozen), onions, ginger, bay leaves.


Goya bitter cucumber, broad beans, okras, carrots.


I used green curry paste, brown sugar, citrus juice for the broth.




Served with jasmine rice.


A side-dish totally fusion : white sashimi konnyaku, yellow bell pepper and balsamic reduction sauce.



Black sesame baked goya-maki

I love contrasts like this bitter squash with sweet nutty filling. It could be delicious raw in another season, but today it’s baked.

all about go~ya

The filling is sweet like a cake, soft and nutty like a brownie.

The goya has this raw and green texture and keeps it through baking. Take away the white center.

Fill and bake about 20 minutes.

A bouquet of delicious Winter flowers.

Grapefruit and matcha green tea muesli

A very fruity raw muesli with 2 touches of bitterness : matcha green tea and ruby grapefruit.

Grated apple and oats, mixed a few hours before. Yes, there is more fruit that grain. These apples are now plenty and delicious, let’s splurge !

Then I’ve added sweetened matcha green tea. Matcha is the powdered tea for ceremony. The cheapest sweet version is perfect for desserts or like here.

Added grapefruit.

A few spoonfuls of yogurt.

That was a refreshing delicious brunch.

Minimalist pleasure : poire et chocolat

Pear and chocolate. Take a spoon and enjoy !

Mmmmmmm ! The sweetness and coolness of the pear under the hot bitter chocolate is a marvel.

The crime requires premeditation.

2 minutes before :

Melt chips of cocoa mass. 100% cocoa. Zero sugar. Pure darkness.

2 hours or the day before :

Prepare the vanilla syrup pear. It’s poached in a very light syrup with very little sugar, the skin of the pear, vanilla and a little lemon juice . Cooled.

When it’s time :

Start pouring the sauce…


Take a spoon and enjo…

Aaaah, a blogger’s life is such a cruel fate ! We can never enjoy the food at the instant…because we are too busy styling, lighting, etc. Don’t lose time taking the photos as the chocolate hardens… Well, I’m lucky because my pear had two halves so I had one left for the perfect bliss.