Summer salad with argan oil and black beans


Black beans have a Winter image… I refreshed them with greens and juicy items for a nutritive Summer salad meal.

Fragrant argan oil from Morocco, a little garlic, salt and balsamic vinegar for the dressing.


The companions of the kuromame (black soy beans, that were boiled and frozen) are edamame, sliced okra, shimeji mushrooms and green sweet chilis. I’ve added a little minced hot chili. I’ve steamed all that together. Added the dressing, let cool.


Japanese aubergines, moros and Moorish spices


We have lots of nasu or nasubi (aubergine or eggplant) in Summer here, many types and sizes. These small ones, I think are those known in the US as Japanese eggplants.
Moros, the Moors. Or black beans. And Moorish spices, that seem to be red pepper, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, pimentón
This is a free adaptation of these stuffed aubergines by Rick Stein. The main change is it’s plant-based. I have not eaten the original but this version is delicious and perfect for the season.


So let’s use today’s market basket…


The kuromame (boiled black soy beans) as the meat.


The cheese-tasting sauce is sake kasu (sake lees) + miso, that I cooked a little, then I’ve added a lot of olive oil.


Baked !


Served with greens.




Na no hana (rape blossoms)


Crazy veg’zza


That looks weird but that’s a really delicious…veg’zza. A crust of carrot, a sauce of black bean, a spicy chizz’, aubergines, olives. The only thing is the texture of the crust could be improved (see below).
It’s plant-based, gluten-free if you choose the right miso.


Prebaked crust : grated carrot + 1 tbs of potato starch + salt + nutmeg. I place it on a sheet of rice paper, and painted with oil. I hope the rice paper would offer some support. After pre-baking it did.


Sauces and topping prep’ :
Kuromame black soy beans. They are cooked (my frozen stock). I mashed them with a fork, flavored with curry spices.
-yellow chiiz’ : miso + sakekasu (sake lees) + turmeric + a little olive oil and enough water to make it a sauce.
-aubergine : steamed 2 minutes in micro-wave


Garnishing : the crust + a layer of beans + onions + aubergines + chiiz’ + beans and olives. And a drizzle of oil.


Baked like a pizza !
Well I served it with a spoon as the rice paper kind of disappeared. Not a good idea.



Spicy crazy ramen burger (black bean burger part 2)


Ramen burger ! Yeah, and it’s probably addictive. At least, my version is. You should really try.
If you wonder who came with this crazy idea, here is a little historic explanation. Everybody knows Fukushima, the region is famous for its… atomically good ramen. Well that’s a true.
喜多方ラーメン (Kitakata ramen) from the town of Kitakata are said to be one of the 3 best in Japan.
ramen source “tourist info”
They are ramen, topped with chashu (pork roast), a slice of surimi, menma bamboo shoots, negi… Then one shop had the idea to make to round patties of broth flavored noodles and serve the toppings inside :
ramen burgerkitakata ramen-burger
source “the restaurant that started the ra’burger”
They have then been copied all by many others.

So, I have not followed their recipe at all. I’ve used a home-made black bean burger and improvised my fried noodles :
DSC07342-001 making the burger (click here).


Here are toppings. My sauce : neri goma (pasted sesame, tahini), rice vinegar, miso, a little sugar, paprika, chili pepper and turmeric.


The construction : a round of pan-fried ramen, a layer of greens, a bean burger, a good amount of sauce, pickled ginger, a second round of ramen, cut coriander leaves.


That’s a complete Spring spicy ramen burger. And it’s really delicious.


I tried to eat it with the hands, and I got greasy fingers, that I had to lick after… A sort of burger case would be convenient. I should get some printed at my name.


Cooking black bean burger for Spring (1st part)



I could eat beef burgers but I now prefer bean burgers. If you think I’m weird, you should try these. They are soft, juicy, crunchy, flavorful. And easy to make.


Basic ingredients that you can make from scratch but I had them ready to start. Yakisoba (fresh ramen for hot plate) and cooked black beans (here kuromame). You can use other types of noddles/pasta.

DSC05628-001 today’s green


Mix, shape and cook. OK, I mash the beans with a fork, I mince the greens, onion, ginger, I roughly break the walnuts. That’s not precise be make them to taste, you can sample the ingredients as you mix in. With 1 cup of beans, I made 2 burgers. I cook them briefly in a frying pan.
With 1 pack, I made 4 rounds of yakisoba. I stir-fried them with a little sauce and spices, then shaped and cooked next to the burgers.


You wonder why I made these yaki-soba “patties” ? Oh, I had space in the frying pan. You’ll see that in next post.


Here is the burger !