Salade de crudités updated : veggie nori-maki



Once upon a time, we’d serve the crudités on a large plate, even with the sauce mixed in with each type of vegetable. For guests, Granny would display them on huge (imitation) silver trays.


That looked like that.
Grated carrot, sliced Japanese turnip, sliced new onion, greens, edamame (they have to be boiled).


Then this became popular to make sushi… So why not rolling in the veggies ?


(Do you notice something weird on the photo ? You should… I had a problem after the shooting session. LOL)


And serving the dressing (soy sauce, black rice vinegar and chili pepper) as a dip.


Sushi bento dinner (via GiO)


As you can see, in eating order :
shrimp nigiri (hand formed),ikura (salmon eggs/roe) and cucumber “war boats”, gunkan-maki , hoso-maki of shrimps and shiso leaves…

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Sushi bento dinner

As you can see, in eating order :
shrimp nigiri (hand formed),

ikura (salmon eggs/roe) and cucumber “war boats”, gunkan-maki

hoso-maki of shrimps and shiso leaves.

The rice is brown + mochigome (sticky rice), cooked with kombu seaweed. The “su” is black rice vinegar, plus sudachi lemon juice. I just added a little salt. The rice was not so great, I put too much sticky rice to shape it nicely.

The reason for serving wasabi on the side is… I forgot including it. Well not great shape. I’m not read to open my sushi bar. Anyway, in Japan it’s not a job for women, our hands would too warm, we would only good at making onigiri.

It’s not a “lunch box”, it’s a bento (box) to eat at home.

Cal 445.5 F7.2g C77.5g P33.7g

Red hot and green okras

That’s an easy dinner, for a hot night. Not much cooking involved. Black rice and hatomugi (the body cooling cereal) was frozen (I made a lot before), just reheated.

Salad is shredded rucola, shredded basil, green hot chili, avocado, tataki beef (Japanese style roastbeef), chili flakes. Seasoning is simply Chinese black vinegar.

It’s a stir fry : olive oil, garlic, onion, okras, lots of tomato “concassee” (without peel or seeds). Then the hotness comes from Thai paste for Tom Yam soups (lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime, fish sauce, chili peppers, oil).

(1.5 serving of “rice”)
Cal 695.5 F24.0g C97.9g P26.3g

My chunky ume plum chutney…and beautiful skin nightcap

Nothing better than home-made chutney.
Remember, I told that in Japan, in this season, it rains plums ! Or it should, as we have beautiful weather, dry rainy season so we won’t have enough water for rice, which is another story.

So, the plums, Japanese black vinegar, new onions, raisins, goji berries, cinnamon, yellow sugar…

I simmer them twice, I let the mix cool overnight so the raisins take full volume.

I keep the jars in the fridge as I probably didn’t use enough sugar to preserve them at room temperature.

Now I will reveal you something.
A friend is a beautician, and she is very successful precisely because she has the most beautiful skin of the world. I have asked her secret. Good skin care, good lifestyle… and every night, before going to bed, she has this snack :

yogurt +
cold pressed virgin olive oil +
matcha tea powder

You can add honey as a sweetener and substitute rare and expensive matcha by green tea powder as it also contains the wonderful catechines. I don’t know if that’s effective as no research has been made, but you never know. My skin has become beautiful… well, I think.
Good night !

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