Veg juicing


Vitamins to fight the horrible weather, it’s fog, pollen, yellow sand, PM 2.5, whatever… With the pea soup outside, I don’t want the same on my table.
(Postscriptum, that was yesterday, 10th, today the sky is blue, the air maybe cleaner, but saddest anniversary of the year. 2 years ago… Vitamins are needed.)


Let’s take a red Kintoki carrot. I’ve added a little lemon juice. I got a thick paste in the blender, but after I filtered it into a smooth juice :



And some greens…うまい菜 Umaina. It’s a kind of Japanese beet leaves/Swiss chard. I took only the green parts and some grapefruit juice.



Power azuki fro-yo, ready in 1 minute

A refreshing post work-out drink. Frozen yogurt with a Japanese flavor.

In the blender :

1/2 cup frozen boiled azuki beans (unsweetened)
1/2 cup yogurt
a few ice-cubes
1 scoop protein powder (unflavored)
honey or sweetener to taste

Eat immediately ! Mmmmm….

Draft of a raw seed cake

That’s not the custom to post the failures but this blog has really no ambition nor other objective that journaling, so why not ? Nobody successes all the time. Well it’s a false failure as I liked what I got. But that was not what was planned at all.

The raw-foodists make some cheese-like cakes with cashew nuts and that seems good. But I can’t get the main ingredient, the raw cashews at a reasonable price.

Raw sesame is easy to get in bags of 1 kg. I soaked it overtime. It tripled of volume. Then I washed the dust with clear water, drained.

In the blender, with honey and pomelo zest.

Pomelo in the bottom of the molds.

We’ve seen prettier. I really like the taste so I’ll try again.
The mix is not as smooth as it should be. That can’t be done in this blender. I’ll try with a mortar. And more sweetness would have been well.

I’ve added honey.
Edit : the taste was more fragrant the second day.

Mizuna colada

A green morning drink. In it :

Leaves of mizuna.

Pineapple, coconut cream and a strawb’. The leaves have a very neutral flavor. That tastes like alcohol-free piña colada.

Enjoy in bikini on the beach. Well, in underwear, drying after the shower on the balcony, that makes it too.