Tarte alsacienne à la fraise et à la myrtille (double berry cake)


It’s a cousin from Lorraine’s tarte au sucre (here). A little more elaborated. Both are nice, that depends if you’re looking for simplicity or something more cake-like.


Strawberries (fraises) and blueberries (myrtilles) are garnishing it. Frozen fruits do the trick perfectly.


And there is some streusel on top.


French oven veg’ baked tian

We’re back into Winter time slow cooking. I’ve let this a while on stove top, then put in the oven till meal time…

Let’s pick in today’s market…

Hokkaido pink skin golden potatoes.

Late aubergines.

Onion, garlic, negi, green pepper, refried in olive oil. Plus red beans. And rosemary. I’ve layered this between potatoes and aubergines. Covered, let cook…

The top potatoes are grilled, everything is soft and hot. Just side dishes.

Natto, cucumbers and negi leeks in mustard sauce.

Blueberries with vegan chocolate ganache for the anti-oxydant refill. And for dessert.
That’s a good balance, some Autumnal freshness with a solid chilly day dish.

3 ingredients for natural cookies, and a blueberry tartelette

Here are very healthy snacks. No added sugar, vegan, soy and gluten free. That’s so perfect that could have been awful to taste. Hey no, they were delicious.

You need for the cookies :
-a banana
-rolled oats
-raw sesame seeds
Plus fresh blueberries for the tartelette.

-In a mill, paste 1/2 cup of raw sesame seeds into tahini. Reserve a tbs of it.
-Take a small banana, mash it. Mix in the tahini, then some the oats, not too many.

Small rounds for cookies. I sprinkled sesame seeds on them. The large one is for the tartelette.

After baking in the oven-toaster.
They are soft moist cookies with a nutty flavor.
On the large one, I’ve spread the reserved tahini and glued the blueberries with it.

Cubic, basic, quick

Simple vegan lunch.

Playing with the new gadgets of Picasa… aged photos of these umaina (Japanese Swiss chard), kabocha and imported tahin.

Platter of veggies, steamed leaves and kabocha, raw daikon radish.

To dip in hummus with tahin.

The dessert. That’s nata de coco, from a can as I can’t make it, with blueberries. I really love the unique texture of those small cubes.

Coconutelia in 3 minutes

Shiny chocolate sauce on my moffle… Yummy ! And the brand is :

Maison Gourmande. DIY

If you don’t care about quality, you can buy a jar of “chocolate and nut spread”. That tastes good. Some brands are extremely popular, thanks to extensive promotion campaigns aiming children and even uneducated adults. Now, if you have finished primary school, you have probably turned the jar to read : sugar, palm oil, some flavorings and preservatives. But roughly, you are getting 3/4th of sweetened cheap oil.

A quality spread would contain this. So let’s make some.

For the fat, coconut butter (that floats on top of a can). For the nutty taste, I added some dry coconut flakes :

Lots of pure cocoa. For 1/2 cup, I find that 1/2 ts of cane sugar is enough. I added a little natural vanilla essence :

The bowl on top of a pan of hot water, I added a little coconut milk and beat. The fat and sugar melt.

When it cooled, I got a creamy texture, except for the coconut flakes (I could have passed them in the blender). Taste is so full of chocolate.
For the infamous hazelnut version : skip the coconut flakes and replace by a dozen of roasted hazelnuts that you paste in a mortar or a blender.
Of course, keep refrigerated and only a few days.

Sweet brunch, the coconutelia moffle with blueberry coconut muesli and coffee.