After-Eight oursons… oops.


There were 2 sweets I liked a lot as a kid.
1. After-Eight : mint in dark chocolate.


2. Oursons : marshmallow teddy bears in dark chocolate.

I can do a fusion of the two, no ? Well, in theory.


I pounded into paste a good amount of peppermint, added marshmallows, heat them just enough to melt, stirred…


Filled chocolate in the mold. Let dry overnight, added the marshmallow cooled, later added chocolate, waited…


But they taste great ! If anybody has tips to take out the bears from the mold without breaking them, I’m taking. I tried making a thicker chocolate case, but that’s not so good. I tried molding the marshmallow so I’d dip it in chocolate after, but it stuck totally on the mold too. I’m too clumsy, it seems.


Chocolats au caramel salé (melty salty fudge choco sweets)


Decadent simplicity. Dark bitter chocolate filled with a soft salted butter caramel paste.


Tant pour tant, equal weight.
(1 : 1 : 1) sugar : cream : salted butter.
Melt the sugar into blond caramel, add in the warmed cream. Remove from stove, add butter. Let cool and whip.

Recipe credit : Catherine H.


I’ve used chips of cocoa mass (100% cocoa), unsweeted, for a happy contrast of flavors, bitterness/sweeteness, textures.


Gourmande’s choco friends

Born this morning… I made a little gang. As you see, I’m starting a paleo-diet.

Yeah, I don’t like commercial celebrations. I eat chocolate when I want… Well seeing all those around (see next post), I was choco-hungry.

Can you guess the flavor ? I’ll tell it later. They are delicious…

I have 4 models in the new mold. That was hard to take only one little cheap mold… they propose so many all around. You could equip a chocolaterie with the equipment proposed this week in my local shopping street.

Package ? Simple : a transparent box and a paper napkin. They have nothing to hide.
That’s not as sophisticate as what they sell… Report in next post.