Braised radicchio, sage rolled fluffy frittata



That’s a long tittle, but I think that explains the concept. Yet, it’s not complete as the frittata is filled with creamy cheezy sauce.
Then as I had a lot, I’ve served also some braised radicchio as a side with Bulldog sauce (Japanese fruity Worcester).


A radicchio. Slice it and braise it in a little olive oil, till it caramelizes :


Braised radicchio.



Sage flavored fluffy frittata :
Blend 1/4 cup water with a dozen of leaves of fresh sage roughly cut. Add an egg and 2 tbs of potato starch, a little salt. Blend again. Cook the foamy mix both sides in a small frying pan. It’s about 1/2 cm thick. You will enjoy a sage fragrance in the air while it cooks.


My fav’ creamy cheezy sauce. I’ve cooked it 2 minutes to take away excess alcohol contained in the sakekasu (sake lees) and added a little sugar.


The crepe is filled with the veggies, the sauce, rolled. Reheated and cut.



Two festive sides with marrons

Christmas before the Christ was the story of the longest night on Earth, grilling marrons in the fireplace. Just what we need in this cold. This colorful braised veggie dish…

… and nutty, baked chestnut croquettes.

This perfectly cooked crunchy red cabbage are a traditional Alsatian recipe, with apple, red wine and lots of time (see here).

Baked and coated in a sesame “dust”.

Red cold Winter : slow wined cabbage and yu-dofu

Red cabbage, and poached tofu for a chilly day. French + Japanese, and they make a nice pair. This is vegan and surprisingly filling.

The idea was to empty my fridge. I had the half of a red cabbage, a few black potatoes, 2 purple shallot, red wine… Blue day ! I’ve let that simmered in the cast iron cocotte, longly.

I also found an orphan chili in a nook. Behind you can see a clove. I added a mace and sugar too.

Finish touch : roasted poppy seeds and a few goji berries.
I could have eaten only that but I added a side for the proteins and more fun.


That’s a Winter style to serve tasty tofu. Cubes in hot water with a strong salty sauce to balance the tofu’s creaminess. Silky type goes well.
The sauce is not classic. I mixed Chinese tobanjan hot chili sauce and lemon juice.

The meal :
Cal 521.5 F10.6g C 92.7g P19.2g