kabocha pizza

That’s pizza with pumpkin sauce. A simple and delicious variation.

I boiled chunks of kabocha pumpkin in the micro-wave and pasted the flesh.

I mixed the kabocha with grated Greek cheese, tomato paste, olive oil, nutmeg, black pepper.

Decorated by onion, komatsuna greens, edamame

I’ve added the egg 3 minutes before the end.

Grilled veggies on pizza

I had not had pizza since…ahem. Way too long ! So I had my pizza dinner, with tons of delicious Summer veggies.

Made a dough with some graham flour. Picked a branch of rosemary. Cut a small pumpkin, zucchini, red bell pepper…

A little corn is common on pizzas here in Japan. I added a Korean chili.

No cheese, but plenty of fragrant olive oil.

Chaud devant ! Beware, it’s hot !

Finger licking yummm….

Wine cranberry sauce on fougasse

Chance created me this wonderful recipe. This pink creaminess was out of this world…
Whole wheat fougasse/pizza dough (left-over), covered by cream cheese + yogurt (left-over), and what topping… oh, I had that leftover of red sauce (for duck) in the freezer, since 1932 at least : Wine, shallot, butter and cranberry sauce.

And I completed with more toppings : raisins, goji berries, walnuts. A little parmesan cheese. A drizzle of olive oil.

Baked !

It’s thin, crispy and mellow. And the taste is really deep, rich, refined.

The rest of dough, with more thyme, rosemary and bits of garlic inside, painted with olive oil. That gave a delicately fragrant roll.

Tarte flambée à l’oignon blanc et aux 3 poivres

The “tarte flambée” is made with creme fraiche in my place, cottage cheese in other areas. Toppings are onion and bacon bits.
What did I have ?

Onions, white ones. The sauce is yogurt blended with cream cheese that was getting old and dry. I had to finish the cheese. The white mix was very liquid but dried a bit too much. If I had to do it again, I’d add a little butter or oil in it.

No bacon in view…. I flavored it with 3 peppers freshly grounded : pink, green that you see in the mortar and black that has its own mill.

The dough raised a lot, but it was very crispy under. Well, with a little white wine, that’s a good dinner.

Pizza concours… I want some !

Deep dish pizza

Pizza compilation updated (N.B. : click on the text, not on the photos) :

brown natto rice pizza (gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy free)

left-over pizza

Deep dish Hawaiian pizza

kabocha pizza (vegetarian)

mizuna night pizza (dairy free)

grilled veggie pizza (vegan)

sakekasu spinach pide, Turkish pizza (vegan)

la Verdi (4 seasons) (vegan)

maku-no-uchi herb and veggies pizza (vegetarian)

Classic pizza :

Mushroom pizza

La pizza !

Envie de pizza

Focaccia :

Rosemary focaccia (vegan)

Fougasse jaune (vegan)

Fougasse verte (vegan)

French “pizzas” :

Pissaladiere blanche 2.0
(dairy free)
Pissaladiere rouge (pichade) 2.1 (dairy free)

Pissaladiere rouge (dairy free)

Pissaladiere classique (dairy free)

Flamme (flammekuechen)

Flamme a la pomme (apple)

Special “pizzas” :

Gritzza (cornmeal crust) (vegan, gluten free)

Sweet corn pizza (vegetarian)

Aubergine chick pea pizza (vegan)

La guacazza (vegan)

(older post)
The Foodbuzz pizza challenge is a torture… I want some, I want some, they all look so yummy.
So yes, I don’t compete, but I had a pizza lunch… Pizza ordinaria. Normal. No fuss. Sourdough bread dough.

Veggie-veggie (vegan)

Full veggies, herbs, capers, olive oil…

Schlurp…. That was good. You know what ? I want a second one.

Garlicky cream (vegetarian)
Garlic stalk, parsley, cream cheese, paprika, olive oil…

Miam ! I could eat several more, but that’s not reasonable. See :

The 2 :
Cal 798.2 F30.5g C111.6g P23.3g

Making the flamme 2 (preparing bread dough)

Making the dough :

Timing :

14 :00 prepare the yeast
14 : 15 mix flours and yeast
14 : 40 kneeding
15 :00 ~ 18 :30 waiting

14: 00 Prepare the yeast :

In a glass, mix 1 ts of yeast, 1 ts of sugar :

14 :15 Mix the ingredients.

Mix 2 sorts of flour (ordinary + bread flour). Later, you can modify proportions at your taste, the more bread flour, the more elastic is the dough = easier to raise, more difficult to spread.

100 g of ordinary flour
150 g of bread flour



Add about 1/3 of teaspoon of salt. Mix well.

Add the prepared yeast. Add progressively more water. Mix well.

You obtain a sticky dough. Cover.
Wait 15 minutes to let the flour absorb the water. Cover.

14 : 40 Kneeding 10 to 15 minutes

That means stretching and pushing the dough with your hands.
You need plenty of ordinary flour in the bowl and on your hands. Don’t hesitate, you can’t add too much flour.

Stretch the dough :

Push it back :

Again and Again….

Don’t do it forever. About 10 minutes should be enough. The dough will become less sticky and more elastic.

Cover. Let it at room temperature.
Wait 2 hours. More is better.

The dough before and after : it has doubled of volume.

And it has changed of texture.