Farz fou ! Crazy pagan baking.

The famous dessert from Bretagne, in its ancestral version. And it’s great. If you like the simplicity of salty butter caramel, you can only love it.
I followed… freely the familial recipe of Pagan (from his blog in French). Merci pour cette recette !

That’s not a dainty creation your Parisian artsy pâtissier. Not even presentable like the more pudding-like chilled version with prunes. It’s really a grandma-bakes-me-my-after-school-cake, something you devour hot from the oven. As it disappeared in a few minutes, I can’t say what it’s like when it cools. Well, it’s surely deflated.

Butter foam guzzling at the surface… Ah, if you could smell it !

Hokkaido’s butter has salt in it… but less than Bretagne’s. So I’ve added some.

It really tried to run out of the dish. Spectacular. I made it very flat because my oven is low and at first try, it went up so high that the top was scorched.

Crêperie gourmande

La Chandeleur, crepe day is February second, in France and some other countries in Europe. That’s a very old celebration that correspond to the Day of the Marmot in America and the Setsubun in Japan. The start of “Spring”, well, maybe Spring. At least, Sun is coming back in the skies after the darkest months. So crepes look like small suns..

The French tradition is each member of the family cooks his/her crepe in flat pan. And you have to hold some money in one hand and flip the crepe with the second hand. If you succeed, you will be rich during one year. If not…you get a crepe on the floor, on the head, or whatever, and you’ll have had a good time laughing about your clumsiness.

crêpes de froment

Easy recipe :
1 average size egg
3 tbs of flour
1 glass of milk (1/2 US cup)
1 tbs oil or melted butter

A-whip well B-wait 2 hours C-cook the crepes

a few savory variations

Ficelles picardes (gratin crepes with ham and mushroom filling)


Galettes ou crêpes au sarrasin or crêpes de ble noir

Galette day

100% buckwheat crepes

egged buckwheat crepes (quick version)


Cheezy beanie (vegan)

herbs and beans


crêpes boisettes

crêpes Suzette

pale sun thick crepe

crêpes soufflees with coconut and kumquat

Douceurs de beurre et marrons… (via GiO)

LY For chestnut lovers

Melty and simple kuri wagashi…Creme Mont-Blanc, parfum marron…

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Far, far, far…

Far aux pruneaux (prune baked pudding).
Far breton, farz fourn, is a simple dessert from Bretagne. The prune one is classical.

From the same region :
I heart kouign amann

Cocoa chip.

Sweet marron (Chinese chestnuts).

The 3 cakes :

Cal :615.2 F13.8g C89.8g P22.9g

French desserts – Dessert francais (compilation)