Strawberry bubble milk, without berries nor milk

Dark day. Storms are waiting to burst. Let’s have a little fun and something sweet.
It’s magical, everything is made from dry pantry items.

I’ve made the soy milk (easy recipe here).

And with that I’ve strawberry customized my tapioca.
Boil tapioca as needed, rinse, put in a bowl with 1/2 cup water, strawberry essence, sugar to taste, the red coloring. Cover. Let overnight in the fridge.

Tatata da !

It’s pink and it tastes of strawberry… candies. Not very natural.

Put bubbles in a bowl.

Pour soy milk, slightly sweetened and vanilla flavored. Not outside, if you can avoid…

Isn’t that cute ? That’s really good. Maybe don’t mix in advance as the tapioca could give back its coloring into the milk.

Bubble matcha au lait

That’s refreshing and delicious. In addition the cafeine wakes you up from humidity induced torpor.

Cooked and refreshed pearls of tapioca.

Matcha green tea powder, whisked in ice-cold water.

Iced milk espuma.

Sugar ? Only the cute stars. The skim milk is naturally sweet.

With a wagashi Japanese tea cake (bought). It’s kashiwa-mochi colored green with yomogi. The leaf is not from “oak”, it’s an alternative version more common in Kansai.

Triple fruit coco-tapioca pudding, natural sweeteness of a South-Asian dessert without added sugar

When food brings tenderness. Tapioca, manioc is baby food. That was nice to be fed from a spoon by Mum, do you remember ? That’s also an Asian dessert basic.

The day before, I put goji berries to soak in water. I also boiled the tapioca, rinsed it with fresh water and covered with coconut milk… but the tapioca drunk the milk, and I got that pudding.

Fresh pinapple and frozen mango.

Goji berry like cherries on the cake. Ah, I’d eat some ! Well, I mean again as I ate it.

You never have enough coconut. Let snow some more…