Buckwheat yuzu bread

A blond nutty bread with an after-taste of citrus.

It’s this recipe :

quick buckwheat soda bread (click here)

Oops, no baking soda in stock. So I’ve put more baking powder. As I eyeballed, there is less buckwheat flour it seems. So the color is very different.

The lemon is a yuzu, juice and grated zest.

Out of the oven.

Retro Christmas (2) Jambon en croûte aux marrons

CHAUD DEVANT ! Beware, I’m carrying hot stuff !
That’s the masterpiece of the meal. A rustic bake ham in a crust of soft and crispy bread.
Christmas ham is very old tradition. Middle-Age, or even before. In some places the baked ham or the baked ham pie has survived.

It is a very simple version with chestnut stuffing and buckwheat (plus wheat) bread. The luxury ingredient is the shallots. I find them very irregularly in Japan, and I stock them for French dishes.

The ham, shallots and chestnuts marinated with white wine and black pepper. The stuffing was stir-fried and flambe-ed with shochu liquor.

Packed !

Hot from the oven.

That really has a Christmas taste. Hot ham, melting sweet stuffing, soft bread… what more do you want ? The buckwheat brings a nutty flavor very pleasant.