Sashimi lunch


A classic Japanese meal around a dish of sashimi. I prepared the sides.


Steamed kabocha pumpkin and ninniku no me garlic stalks. With soy sauce.

**I simply place the veggies in a steaming basket on top of a boiling water pot, or in the steaming mode of the microwave. Thin kabocha slices take 8 to 10 minutes. Garlic stalks only need 3 o 4 minutes to be at my taste. I add sesame seeds and soy sauce when I serve them.


The sashimi : ika (calamari), buri (yellow tail) and ama ebi (nordic shrimps).


An umeboshi (salted plum).


Tofu with oboro kombu (seaweed), seasoned with the soy sauce left after the sashimi dipping.

**How to choose or make tofu.


The miso soup with hijiki seaweed, shimeji mushrooms and kintoki red carrots.

Making miso soup


Add rice. That’s a complete Japanese menu.

**Cooking Japanese rice


Twilight roasted fish jaw


A simple early dinner.
ぶりかま焼き (buri-kama yaki).
I baked the jaw of a buri (yellow tail). I’ve simply drizzled oil + mirin + soy sauce on it and passed under the grill. Then, mmm….
That looks like nothing. The jaw of fish is often discarded and that’s great for me, because I can get it for a song. But if you roast it, you have a dish for a king. That’s the case for most big fatty fish, so try it with tuna and salmon too.


I had crispy radicchio (trévise)
that I ate with just a little salt and olive oil.


My usual veggie stir-fry.


Add rice, you have a yummy menu.


Sériole bardée. Bacon buri.

Buri( Greater amberjack, Sériole) is quite a lean fish in this season. It’s great raw, but when you cook a slice, it’s dry… So I tried to wrap it in a barde (band) of bacon before searing it :

Perfect balance !

That’s crazy how a nice gown changes everything !

With a little homemade mustard.

Sekihan (azuki bean rice) and salad as sides.

Nom nom nom…

Buri teriyaki, lacquered fish

Buri (yellowtail, Japanese amberjack) is a common fish here. I cooked it teriyaki , which means sunshine-cooked. The bottle sauce you may know is an homonym.

recipe of Japanese teriyaki

With baked kabocha pumpkin and radish sprouts.

Brown rice, with sansho peppercorns, the Japanese Sichuan pepper. It’s lemony taste is perfect with fish.

And a miso soup garnished with daikon radish, daikon greens and wakame seaweed. All that makes a light meal :
Cal 452 F18.7g C49.5g P26.9g

Soft and white inside. Delicious.

same recipe in daylight photos (click on text)

Hamachi sashimi menu

The shop was proposing a delicious hamachi (yellowtail) filet ready for sashimi. Ideal for a classic Japanese meal.

They use the thick part of filet to make sushi and the nice sashimi display, the thin bit is just as good but not so nice on pro display. So it’s sold cheaper.
Not a big work. I just had to slice and put on the plate. In Winter, this fish is getting fatter and more melty in the mouth. It was really delicious.

Kabocha no nitsuke.

Fresh shiitake mushrooms, passed in the same nitsuke sauce.

A miso soup, rich in tofu, with wakame seaweed and onion.