A wind of Burma (via gourmande in Osaka

Last year, Shan Burmese cuisine…

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Appetizers of tea leaves, then fried Shan tofu. That’s a nice week-end meal…

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A wind of Burma

Appetizers of tea leaves, then fried Shan tofu. That’s a nice week-end meal. Don’t look for authenticity, I have no idea, no recipe and no access the ingredients from there. It’s surely very different.

It’s inspired by the tea leave pickle dish, lahpet. I used dried green tea leaves, infused in not too hot water, squeezed. And as the caffeine content is high, I have mixed with some sort of spinach. The leaves are simply cut, stir-fried with garlic, ginger and nuoc nam (fish sauce).
I was surprise that the leaves were spicy, even though I didn’t add any hot pepper. That taste is strong, so it’s very pleasant in small amounts or as a rice topping.

Toppings… what I had in the closet. Peanuts, goji berries, sesame seeds, coconut shreds, kimchi, dried fish, garlic chips (that I fried).

Fried Shan tofu. That’s really yummy.

Making Shan Tofu with modern kitchen equipment

Shan tofu with ra-yu sauce

I didn’t want any oily sauce. So I made 2 salsas, very simply.
Red and hot : tomato, fresh red chili.
Green and cool : bell pepper, lemon, ginger.

With 1 serving of rice
Cal : 609 F18.9g C97.9g P32.4g

Yell’Autumn 4 : Making Shan tofu

That’s not corn but yellow split peas, chana dal.
I’ve seen they were used to make Shan tofu“yellow tofu”, a Burmese dish. Let’s try.

Here is the recipe :

I have not the same equipment… As they don’t say, I didn’t put any seasoning. And that’s good this way.
Ingredients :
chana dal

After 24 hours of rehydratation in the fridge.

Creamed in a blender.

Cooked 1 hour (jam program) in my Home Bakery.

After cooking.

Into the jelly case.

Let it cool 2 hours.

Yellow tofu !

It’s firm and easy to cut. The taste ? Not tofu at all… not hummous… like some good potatoe puree.