Da kimchi cod

This is my entry for the cheapest pun in blog post title competition… Well, kimchi fried rice and cod fish for today’s 5-minute lunch.

Simple seared cod fish. And lemon.

A leftover of brown and red rice, stir-fried with kimchi and egg. On top, aonori seaweed.

Celeri stalks cooked with the fish, seasoned with the same lemon.

The meal :
Cal : 419.3 F11.2g C44.9g P40.7g

Home-made Awamori spicy tarako for delicious pasta (via GIO)

LY I made my own fish eggs…

It’s really tasty and much less salty than the commercial version. Of course I can’t store it, but why would I ?

Tarako pasta

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Home-made Awamori spicy tarako for delicious pasta

This is tarako on pasta. One of my prefered pasta dish. You should really try it.

You can buy salt-cured fish roe mentaiko and tarako. Well, names are interchangeable it seems. Actually tarako should be from cod fish, an mentaiko from pollock. Most times, shops sell the latter. And you have 3 sorts : BAD , GOOD and BETTER. In that order :

The bad is fluo red as it contains a preservative product that would be bad for you. But you can get those and mix them with industrial mayonnaise to obtain that abominable tarama spread to lay generously on buttered/margarined slices of industrial bread. Yep, you’ll get those fluo pink canapes that would make you gag in the parties during the 70’s and gave such a bad rap to Greek cuisine, even if I am pretty sure that nobody Greek or of any other human origine was producing our supermarket’s spread. It came from another galaxy.

The good is without the red evil. And the better is colored by healthy hot chili pepper. Well, they are all very salty and meant to preserve the roe. A bit too salty…

And my fishmonger had eggs of codfish. The authentic tarako. So I got some.

Home-made cured tarako

Cod fish roe that I rinsed, salted and kept 2 days in fridge. When you buy it, it stinks. After curing, it smells. After rinsing and seasoning with alcohol, it smells good. Yeah !

This is an Okinawan condiment made of awamori with Okinawan hot chili peppers. Awamori is a sake made of sticky rice.

I rinsed the salted roe and seasoned with the chili-awamori and a little paprika powder. It’s really tasty and much less salty than the commercial version. Of course I can’t store it, but why would I ?

Tarako pasta

Mentaiko spaghetti, tarako spag’… that’s a popular pasta dish in Japan. So easy to prepare.

Put cured mentaiko/tarako on very hot pasta, with butter…and mix. The pasta will cook the fish roe.
Well… unless you lose precious time taking photos for a blog, but 10 seconds in micro-wave saved the dish.

They often top it with ribbons of nori seaweed. Today I prefered negi leeks and dill.

Steamed veggies, including kakinoki-take (persimmon tree mushrooms). Seasoning was simply black rice vinegar.

Cal 410 F9.5g C63.9g P26.1g

Effeuillée de morue parmentière

My fix of French food. It’s a salt cod and potato dish. As Mr. Parmentier was the French potato hero, anything with potatoes is parmentier now.




Soaked cod fish.

Olive oil refried the “flaked” fish, onions, garlic, a little ginger, chili pepper….
A little of nutmeg as it is potato’s best friend.

Topped by roast bread crumbs and olive oil.
It’s a totally idiot proof recipe. Take good ingredients, it will turn delicious.

A mini-side of nira kimchi.
making nira kimchi

Pinapple and few goji berries as a dessert.

Cal537 F10.3g C89.7g P25.9g